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Sepp Blat­ter say­ing he will “fo­cus on driv­ing far-reach­ing, fun­da­men­tal re­forms that tran­scend” pre­vi­ous ef­forts at re­form is like O.J. say­ing he will spend his days try­ing to find the real killers.

We all know how that ended. O.J. is in pri­son. Could Sepp be far be­hind?

Lee Bar­nathan

Chatsworth Now that the United States has taken down Sepp Blat­ter, will Scot­land Yard do the same with Roger Good­ell to make us even? Please?

Stephen Freed­man

Los An­ge­les Hey, Jim Buss. If Sepp Blat­ter can do it, so can you. Hand the team reins over to Jeanie. If the soc­cer world is ec­static over Blat­ter’s res­ig­na­tion, imag­ine how Laker Na­tion and the rest of our city would feel con­cern­ing yours.

Mark J. Feather­stone

Wind­sor Hills A sea­son on ice

It’s an easy con­trast in South­ern Cal­i­for­nia hockey. The Kings have had re­cent suc­cess with Justin Wil­liams, “Mr. Game 7.” The Ducks have had three years of “Missed in Game 7.”

Mel Pow­ell Sher­man Oaks Ku­dos to Ducks cap­tain Ryan Get­zlaf for urg­ing his dis­con­so­late team­mates to re­main on the ice to salute the fans, but he may have felt like giv­ing a dif­fer­ent salute to the fans who sold their sea­son seats to Chicago fans, thus de­priv­ing his team of its hard-earned home-ice ad­van­tage in the de­cid­ing Game 7. Once again greed prevails in sports, and it is not good.

Joe Bucz Re­dondo Beach By ac­cept­ing blame for Slava Voynov and Jar­rett Stoll, Kings Gen­eral Manager Dean Lom­bardi is ex­e­cut­ing the strat­egy of try­ing to di­vert blame from his play­ers. But to ba­si­cally say that if the Kings had “ed­u­cated” the play­ers that beat­ing your wife and tak­ing Ec­stasy are wrong that th­ese events might not have oc­curred is in­sult­ing. Th­ese are adult men who clearly know th­ese acts are wrong and crim­i­nal. Soon the PR ma­chine talk will stop and the court of law will speak.

Don Gi­u­dice

Irvine On the ball

Ma­jor League Base­ball has had a prob­lem for many years ap­peal­ing younger peo­ple and has at­tempted a num­ber of mar­ket­ing ploys to fix that. They can do that all they want, but its big­gest mar­ket­ing tool is its play­ers. At a young age, Mike Trout gets that. He con­sis­tently in­ter­acts with fans be­fore and dur­ing games by sign­ing au­to­graphs and throw­ing base­balls to them in be­tween innings. Things like that have a much big­ger im­pact on kids than giv­ing away back­packs and bob­ble­heads.

Ge­off Skurnik La­guna Niguel Dodgers fans spend six to eight months avidly fol­low­ing a base­ball team, spend­ing a good deal of money on games, team ap­parel, and for the lucky 30%, tele­vi­sion priv­i­leges. They spend nearly three hours fol­low­ing a game. When the team’s closer doesn’t come in, and the bullpen blows a lead, it seems to me the fans have a right to know why he couldn’t pitch. It’s not like we’re ask­ing Pres­i­dent Obama what the planned re­sponse is for a first-strike nu­clear attack.

Josh Clark

San Gabriel I’m glad Dy­lan Her­nan­dez asked why Ken­ley Jansen wasn’t called in at the end of the fi­nale in Colorado, af­ter be­ing used only once in eight games and pitch­ing a score­less in­ning the night be­fore. There is no an­swer to the many fans who want to see the last ves­tige of the Joe Torre Yan­kee con­nec­tion gone, so the team can go for­ward and start win­ning with a new manager.

R.W. Novotny

Long Beach Clay­ton Ker­shaw at No. 7 on the list of great­est Dodgers? Don’t get me wrong, I like him a lot. But, at his age and with a very short Dodgers ca­reer, a “greater” Dodger than Tommy, Fer­nando or Maury? Not yet.

Alan Matis

Sher­man Oaks Logo fac­tor

As the NBA Fi­nals are fi­nally upon us, I think Lak­ers fans should look back to the time when Jerry West left the team and wound up with the War­riors as an ad­vi­sor. Had he stayed with the Lak­ers, the tra­vails of the Lak­ers and the suc­cess of the War­riors might have been sig­nif­i­cantly al­tered.

Those fans who con­tin­u­ally clamor for the re­turn of Phil Jack­son should rec­ol­lect that he was a ma­jor rea­son for the de­par­ture of West, whose team is in the NBA Fi­nals while Madi­son Square Gar­den awaits its lot­tery pick.

Pete Grif­fith


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WILL SEPP BLAT­TER’S de­ci­sion start a trend for other sports lead­ers in this coun­try and/or city?

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