AR-15 own­er­ship ques­tioned

Re “Why as­sault ri­fle sales are boom­ing,” Opin­ion, June 12

Los Angeles Times - - OPINION -

I am dis­gusted by Robert J. Spitzer’s as­ser­tion that “plea­sure is a per­fectly le­git­i­mate rea­son to own an AR-15.” I can­not think of a worse rea­son.

That Amer­i­cans have al­lowed firearms de­signed for com­bat to morph into “tac­ti­cal” or “sport­ing” weapons is per­verse, es­pe­cially when they can be equipped with high-ca­pac­ity mag­a­zines that fa­cil­i­tate mass mur­der. They are weapons of war­fare like mis­siles and bombs. Thank­fully, we don’t have zealots claim­ing 2nd Amend­ment rights to those arms too.

I en­vi­sion a petu­lant child with balled fists, stomp­ing his feet be­cause he wants an AR-15. A per­son who has to have one be­cause it’s for­bid­den fruit strikes me as a per­son with poor im­pulse con­trol who prob­a­bly shouldn’t have one.

This type of per­son has no em­pa­thy for those whose lives have been dev­as­tated by these killing ma­chines, and they have no in­ten­tion of re­lin­quish­ing any of their toys.

Loren Lieb


The no­tion of squeez­ing off a round from an AR-15 does sound mas­cu­line, un­til I re­al­ize that my 3-year-old grand­daugh­ter could per­form the same task.

Lock and load, Wal­ter Mitty!

Brian L. Mas­son

Har­bor City

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