The Hear­ing Aid Com­pany with Su­pe­rior Tech­nol­ogy ... and Heart.

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Sam Thomas­son de­scribes the day his daugh­ter Kate was born as the hap­pi­est of his life. When Kate was a tod­dler she lost most of her hear­ing due to a sud­den ill­ness. Through the years, it be­came clear that the costly tra­di­tional aids that were fit­ted for Kate were in­ef­fec­tive, caus­ing dis­com­fort as well as af­fect­ing her speech de­vel­op­ment. Sam de­cided that some­thing had to be done to im­prove Kate’s life. An ac­com­plished elec­tri­cal engi­neer who worked on prod­ucts from com­puter chips to pace mak­ers, Sam be­gan por­ing over de­sign spec­i­fi­ca­tions of the lead­ing hear­ing aids. He in­stalled an elec­tron­ics lab in their home and worked nights and week­ends – with Kate of­ten at his side – to de­velop hear­ing aids that would solve is­sues like feed­back, back­ground noise and poor sound qual­ity. When Kate was six­teen, she put on the first Zounds ® pro­to­type, which im­me­di­ately trans­formed her life. She could fi­nally hear high pitch sounds, en­joy mu­sic and speak more clearly. Ul­ti­mately, Sam and his team of ded­i­cated engi­neers amassed 52 ground-break­ing patents with state of the art tech­nol­ogy that can only be found in Zounds ® hear­ing aids.

Zounds Founder and CEO, Sam Thomas­son and his daugh­ter, Kate

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