Ap­ple of Ver­non’s eye? Not any­more

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Bon Iver first be­came fa­mous by de­camp­ing to the woods and mak­ing an al­bum of pris­tine, heartrend­ing acous­tic folk. So it’s per­haps not to­tally sur­pris­ing that Justin Ver­non, who cre­ated the pro­ject, might have some mis­giv­ings about the di­rec­tion Ap­ple has taken in its ap­proach to dig­i­tal mu­sic in re­cent years.

In a se­ries of re­cent tweets, the Grammy win­ner of­fered up a gen­uine lament on Ap­ple Mu­sic and the cur­rent stream­ing econ­omy.

“Don’t need to read this. its true,” he tweeted, over a pic­ture of Ap­ple’s CEO Tim Cook an­nounc­ing its new Ap­ple Mu­sic plat­form and the head­line “Is Ap­ple Mu­sic proof that the com­pany has stopped in­no­vat­ing?” “The com­pany that­made me be­lieve in com­pa­nies, and not jok­ing: PEO­PLE is no more.”

But as hewent on, it be­came clear that Ver­non was ac­tu­ally a deep and com­mit­ted Ap­ple fan who has felt in­creas­ingly let downby the com­pany’s mu­sic prod­ucts.

And when a mu­sic plat­form bums you out— the one thing above all else that the evan­ge­lists of dig­i­tal stream­ing claim to be able to do right— the mu­sic ac­tu­ally suf­fers for it, both for fan and artist alike. Ver­non sent out a link to a FACT Mag­a­zine ar­ti­cle out­lin­ing how Ap­ple Mu­sic might be a raw deal for in­die la­bels, then dis­cussed how Ap­ple prod­ucts had lately been turn­ing him off of mu­sic.

“[B]een think­ing this for awhile. iron­i­cally i think its iTunes why I’ve lis­tened to less mu­sic / 2yrs. bad sync­ing/plat­form,” he added. “but se­ri­ously, i hope HATE isn’t the mes­sage. Just lit­er­ally wish that the hu­mans who had the power, USED it to lit­er­ally make things bet­ter.”

“iDVD2, iTunes 3, iMovie 2.1i re­mem­ber the com­puter teach­ing ME how to use it, by hav­ing such amaz­ing de­sign.”

Ver­non also said hewas an avid Spo­tify user, but to no one’s sur­prise, ana­log still wins in the end for him. “I’ve been lov­ing spo­tify, for the record. have to im­port gems I’ve had on mp3 for years… and i think cd’s +lp’s and tapes are still bet­ter.”

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JUSTIN VER­NON is not happy with Ap­ple.

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