A trail of hate

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Re “Sus­pect fits ‘ clas­sic lone wolf ’ pro­file,” June 20

I am con­cerned about the overuse of the term “lone wolf ” when de­scrib­ing ac­cused Charleston, S. C., shooter Dy­lann Roof. Though ap­par­ently used to ac­knowl­edge the con­sid­er­able time he spent by him­self and how he al­legedly shot and killed the nine peo­ple by him­self in an African Amer­i­can church, such ex­ten­sive use of this term dis­counts the ap­par­ently plen­ti­ful online links he had to the hate- filled, racist In­ter­net com­mu­nity that sadly ex­ists in this coun­try.

Given his racist Face­book post­ings and his ac­qui­si­tion of jacket patches of apartheid- era f lags of the coun­tries of South Africa and the for­mer Rhode­sia, Roof was not “alone” as he de­vel­oped such hate for African Amer­i­cans. Hate is taught, and you need oth­ers to do the teach­ing.

When Roof al­legedly stepped into this his­toric black church with the in­tent to kill, he walked with the count­less racist Amer­i­cans who share his hate- filled be­liefs. Thus, he was part of a racist In­ter­net- based “pack of wolves.”

Don­ald Bent­ley

La Puente

Pres­i­dent Nixon’s open­ing of the door to China cre­ated one of our most dan­ger­ous ad­ver­saries around the globe. Sim­i­larly, a deal with Iran lift­ing eco­nomic sanc­tions would pro­vide our ad­ver­saries with fund­ing for ter­ror­ist strikes and death around the globe. By lift­ing sanc­tions on Iran, Pres­i­dent Obama’s legacy would stand along­side Nixon’s of em­pow­er­ing China.

David Laufer Ox­nard

As­so­ci­ated Press

CHURCH shoot­ing sus­pect Dy­lann Roof ap­pears via video Fri­day be­fore a judge in Charleston, S. C.

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