Los Angeles Times - - POP & HISS - By Hol­i­day Mathis Hol­i­day Mathis writes her col­umn for Cre­ators Syn­di­cate Inc. The horo­scope should be read for en­ter­tain­ment. More horo­scopes at latimes. com/ horo­scopes.

Aries ( March 21- April 19): There is a shared space be­tween you and peo­ple in your life. You’ll feel more in­clined to tune in and un­der­stand where you over­lap and why.

Taurus ( April 20- May 20): You don’t have the sup­port for your en­deavor that other peo­ple around you have. Ac­cept it and know that you’re stronger and ca­pa­ble, or you wouldn’t have taken on the chal­lenge.

Gemini ( May 21- June 21): Some peo­ple are too em­bar­rassed about their mis­takes to re­ally ex­am­ine them. You re­al­ize the value in re­flec­tion and eval­u­a­tion.

Can­cer ( June 22- July 22): Ab­sorb your so­cial media with a grain of salt. Try­ing to keep up with oth­ers robs you of the peace that might come with be­ing sat­is­fied with what you have.

Leo ( July 23- Aug. 22): The ac­tion that gets imme- di­ate re­sults of­ten robs you of the big­ger re­sult you could have down the line.

Virgo ( Aug. 23- Sept. 22): You’ll get that scenery change you prob­a­bly didn’t even know you needed. This new scene will be in­vig­o­rat­ing for its ca­pac­ity to keep you alert and re­ac­tive.

Libra ( Sept. 23- Oct. 23): The thing you want will re­quire up­keep, time and energy. Hap­pi­ness does not de­pend on what you have, es­pe­cially when what you have ac­tu­ally has you.

Scorpio ( Oct. 24- Nov. 21): Tell the peo­ple on your team how they can best help you. You have a tal­ent for ten­derly teach­ing oth­ers how to treat you.

Sagittarius ( Nov. 22Dec. 21): When you’re pretty cer­tain you could do bet­ter, you’ll men­tally prod your­self to the level you know you can achieve.

Capricorn ( Dec. 22- Jan. 19): Re­la­tion­ships have sea­sons. When the emo­tional weather starts to change, don’t panic — this is part of the nat­u­ral process. Ad­just.

Aquarius ( Jan. 20- Feb. 18): Seek some­one who can give you a bet­ter idea of what you need to do to move to the next level and still have fun.

Pisces ( Feb. 19- March 20): You’ll get the kind of in­vi­ta­tion you would usu­ally ac­cept au­to­mat­i­cally. Think it over first.

To­day’s birth­day ( June 23): Be­cause of your con­fi­dence and po­si­tion, peo­ple will ex­pect you to know what you’re do­ing. Whether or not you do, your tal­ent for div­ing in, learn­ing on the f ly and pulling off great feats will make this an ex­cit­ing year. Your lucky num­bers are: 4, 30, 36, 28 and 49.

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