Los Angeles Times - - COMICS - By Frank Stewart

When I watched to­day’s deal at the club, South was a player in­clined to crit­i­cize — not as bad as the dreaded Grape­fruit but close.

Against four hearts, West led the queen of clubs, and South viewed dummy with ob­vi­ous dis­taste.

He took the ace and cashed the K- A of trumps, pick­ing up East’s queen. South then led a diamond to dummy’s queen.

East took the king and cashed the king of clubs. De­clarer ruffed the next club and led a diamond to the jack, but East got the ace and 10.

The re­sult was down one, and South gave North the rough edge of his tongue.

“Part­ner, your three- heart raise was id­i­otic. Two hearts is all you were worth.”

Af­ter South draws the trumps, he takes three spades to pitch a club from dummy and ex­its with a club. West can win and lead a diamond to the queen and king, but then East is end­played.

Ques­tion: You hold: ♠ A Q8♥ AJ 7 3 2 ♦8 7 2 ♣ A 3. Your part­ner opens one diamond, you re­spond one heart and he bids two clubs. What do you say?

An­swer: It would be easy to bid 3NT — you have open­ing val­ues, bal­anced pat­tern and two spade tricks — but the hand has slam po­ten­tial. Part­ner would pass 3NT with a hand such as K5 3,4, A K 10 6 3, KQ 6 5 when six di­a­monds would be a rea­son­able un­der­tak­ing. Bid two spades, the “fourth suit,” and see how part­ner con­tin­ues.

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