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“Ben­jamin Franklin: Young Printer” (Child­hoods of Fa­mous Amer­i­cans)

Au­gusta Steven­son

This is a great book about Ben­jamin Franklin. He does many things in his life, in­clud­ing in­vent­ing and sail­ing. One of my fa­vorite parts is when a bad sailor tries to trick the young boy Ben into slav­ery. His fa­ther comes to Ben’s res­cue. When Franklin was lit­tle, he wanted to in­vent new things. When he was only 10, he cre­ated pad­dles for swimming.

Re­viewed by Chris­tian, 5th grade

Hugo Reid Ele­men­tary, Arcadia

“And Then What Hap­pened, Paul Re­vere?”

Jean Fritz

This is the story about Paul Re­vere warn­ing the Amer­i­can colonists that the red­coats were com­ing. It is also about dress­ing up like In­di­ans and dump­ing tea in Bos­ton Har­bor.

I like this story be­cause it tells you about what was go­ing on back then.

Re­viewed by Kait­lyn

Lin­coln Ele­men­tary, La Cres­centa

“A Line in the Sand: The Alamo Di­ary of Lucinda Lawrence: Gon­za­les, Texas, 1836” (Dear Amer­ica Se­ries)

Sherry Gar­land

What would you do if you heard thun­der­ous cannon booms near your home? Lucinda Lawrence, also known as Cinda, and her fam­ily de­cide to move to a dif­fer­ent place when warned that Gen. An­to­nio Lopez de Santa Anna and his sol­diers are com­ing to Gon­za­les to claim Texas as Mex­i­can ter­ri­tory. If you want to know how this turns out, read this book!

Re­viewed by Ca­rina, 11

Cen­tralia Ele­men­tary, Ana­heim

“The Lemon­ade War”

Jac­que­line Davies

A brother and sis­ter com­pete while selling lemon­ade. Who­ever makes $100 in five days takes all the money the sib­lings make.

They play pranks on each other. Find out who wins by read­ing the book.

I rec­om­mend this book be­cause I learned tips on how to run a lemon­ade stand, and I felt re­ally in­volved.

Re­viewed by Be­har, 8

Lanai Road Ele­men­tary, En­cino

“Is­land of the Blue Dol­phins”

Scott O’Dell

A girl named Karan is left be­hind on a desert is­land when her tribe has to leave sud­denly. She and her brother Ramo sur­vive by them­selves. She goes against her tribe’s taboo by us­ing tools to hunt and fish. Many years pass, and she keeps wait­ing for a boat to res­cue them. She never gives up hope.

This great book de­serves four stars be­cause it teaches kids how to sur­vive.

Re­viewed by Cindy, 5th grade

Vena Mag­net, Ar­leta

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