Los Angeles Times - - PERSONALITY - WALTER SCOTT ASKS... Is it dif­fi­cult work­ing with her hus­band on the small screen? Go to Pa­­ston to find out.

She pro­vided comic re­lief on The

Good Wife and its se­quel, The Good Fight, as at­tor­ney Els­beth Tas­cioni (for which she won an Emmy), starred as road­house waitress Ar­lene Fowler on

True Blood and played the love in­ter­est of real-life hus­band Michael Emer­son on Per­son of In­ter­est. Now, Pre­ston, 49, por­trays peppy ex-con Polly on TNT’s new dram­edy Claws, pre­mier­ing tonight, about man­i­curists in Florida.

Why the ti­tle, Claws?

The show is set in a nail sa­lon, and it’s about five women find­ing em­pow­er­ment and strength. Each woman can sym­bol­ize one of the fin­gers on the hand. Claws can also mean de­fend­ing against some out­side force.

What’s up with your char­ac­ter, Polly?

She just got out of prison for iden­tity theft against se­niors. She lives in a fan­tasy world. She’s try­ing to cre­ate a life for her­self that might not ac­tu­ally be hap­pen­ing in truth.

Did you have to take a nail class in or­der to play a man­i­curist?

We did a cou­ple of [ses­sions] at a nail sa­lon school. We had nail tech­ni­cians and some hand mod­els. We were re­ally learn­ing the ba­sic man­i­cure, but also acrylics, gels and all the de­tail work. I have more re­spect for nail art than I did be­fore I did this project, that’s for sure!

When you look back at your ca­reer, which of your per­for­mances has left a last­ing mark?

I would say that True Blood was a big turn­ing point for me ca­reer­wise. I have the ca­reer of a char­ac­ter ac­tor, and I’m happy be­cause that’s what I wanted. I like trans­form­ing; I like be­ing an il­lu­sion­ist.

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