Can a hear­ing aid change your life with­out chang­ing how you live?

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100% in­vis­i­ble

No one will know why you’re hear­ing bet­ter ex­cept you. Be­cause of the deep place­ment in the ear canal, Lyric hear­ing aids are 100% in­vis­i­ble, from any an­gle, a full 360°.

No bat­ter­ies to change

No daily in­ser­tion, re­moval, or bat­tery changes re­quired. Ever.

No daily has­sles

You can wear Lyric hear­ing aids dur­ing your daily ac­tiv­i­ties such as sleep­ing, show­er­ing, ex­er­cis­ing, driv­ing, at­tend­ing the theater or con­cert, watch­ing a movie, us­ing ex­ter­nal head­phones, talk­ing on the phone.3 There are no daily has­sles of in­ser­tion or re­moval and no bat­ter­ies to change with the Lyric hear­ing de­vice.

Clear, nat­u­ral sound

Gives you in­cred­i­bly clear, nat­u­ral sound be­cause it sits close to the eardrum.

Soft and com­fort­able

Lyric is not an im­plant, it’s the world’s first ex­tended-wear hear­ing de­vice and it lasts for months with­out re­place­ment or chang­ing bat­ter­ies1.

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