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Re “Please don’t run again,” Opin­ion, July 31

Harold Mey­er­son’s re­cent op-ed urg­ing Sen. Dianne Fe­in­stein not to run again be­cause she would win is puz­zling at best.

Why would Cal­i­for­ni­ans not want the most se­nior and ef­fec­tive U.S. sen­a­tor to run — es­pe­cially in the mid­dle of what may be­come one of the most con­tentious pres­i­den­tial in­ves­ti­ga­tions in his­tory?

Any­one who both­ers to watch the Se­nate hear­ings will ob­serve a wo­man with com­plete com­mand of the is­sues at hand who asks tough but ne­c­es­sary ques­tions. She is pre­pared, thought­ful and thor­ough.

I’ve had the plea­sure of meet­ing the sen­a­tor a num­ber of times and find her to be in­tel­li­gent, thought­ful and en­gag­ing but with a spine that must be made of ti­ta­nium steel.

Bob Wag­goner Pomona

I agree 100% with Mey­er­son, but why is he so neg­a­tive?

I say: “Dear Dianne, Thank you for your out­stand­ing ser­vice to Cal­i­for­nia and the na­tion in the U.S. Se­nate as one of our steady, ar­tic­u­late stan­dard-bear­ers. Thank you for your long-stand­ing pro­duc­tiv­ity, wis­dom, dig­nity. I love you, and now I hope you will foster the op­por­tu­nity for an­other fab­u­lous Demo­crat to serve who brings greater po­ten­tial for ac­tion with fol­low-through to­ward 2030 and be­yond. Please help us to launch her or him now with a smooth tran­si­tion.”

Sandy Green­stein Pasadena

Mey­er­son does not at­tack Fe­in­stein’s com­pe­tence; how can he? She is one of the most ef­fec­tive sen­a­tors. He doesn’t at­tack her in­flu­ence; how can he? She is one of the most in­flu­en­tial and re­spected sen­a­tors. He doesn’t at­tack her leg­isla­tive prow­ess; how can he? She is a canny ex­pert on leg­is­la­tion (to say noth­ing of her abil­ity to probe for the truth in her com­mit­tees). He doesn’t at­tack her in­tel­lect or knowl­edge; how can he? She is one of the most in­tel­li­gent and knowl­edge­able of the all the sen­a­tors. No, he at­tacks her be­cause of her age.

It is only be­cause Pres­i­dent Trump makes the out­ra­geous the norm that we don’t call Mey­er­son’s piece out­ra­geous. On sec­ond thought, I will.

Lynn Schenk San Diego The writer is a for­mer mem­ber of Congress

Mey­er­son is cor­rect in point­ing out that Dianne Fe­in­stein is out of touch with the Demo­cratic Party on many is­sues.

The party has changed; Fe­in­stein has not. Her voice is more im­por­tant than party loy­alty.

Don Evans Canoga Park

Thanks to The Times and Mey­er­son for his thought-pro­vok­ing piece ac­knowl­edg­ing the ele­phant in the room: our stub­born se­nior sen­a­tor.

As a con­cerned life­long Demo­crat, I had hoped she would fol­low the grace­ful ex­am­ple set by Bar­bara Boxer, who re­tired last year.

Unar­guably, she has served with dis­tinc­tion, but now, sadly, she’s be­come one of the fos­silized en­trenched in­cum­bents clog­ging up our sys­tem.

Let me bring up the re­al­ity of the painful mem­ory of poor se­nile Strom Thur­mond, slumped in a wheel­chair, be­ing rolled into the Se­nate.

Fe­in­stein should take the long view for the greater good of the Demo­cratic Party, not just statewide, but na­tion­ally.

Mark Dini­akos Thou­sand Oaks

Fe­in­stein has been the most coura­geous sen­a­tor in rein­ing in ex­cesses in our na­tional in­tel­li­gence es­tab­lish­ment. She is one of the most pow­er­ful voices in dig­ging into the Rus­sian ef­forts to sab­o­tage our 2016 na­tional elec­tion.

She has helped get fed­eral funds to ex­pand our pub­lic trans­porta­tion sys­tem, es­pe­cially here in Los An­ge­les. And she has used her con­sid­er­able po­lit­i­cal clout to pro­tect our en­vi­ron­ment, hav­ing pre­served large swaths of Cal­i­for­nia’s eastern Mo­jave desert, clean­ing our air and wa­ter and pre­serv­ing our re­gion’s wa­ter sup­ply.

When we need some­thing done in Wash­ing­ton, Fe­in­stein is our go-to rep­re­sen­ta­tive. She is a work­horse, not a show horse. In an era where bi­par­ti­san­ship has largely dis­ap­peared in Wash­ing­ton, she is re­spected on both sides of the po­lit­i­cal aisle.

That’s why I have urged her to run again.

Zev Yaroslavsky Los An­ge­les The writer is a for­mer Los An­ge­les County su­per­vi­sor

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