New Hope for He­m­or­rhoid Suf­fer­ers

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If you’re a se­nior suf­fer­ing from the nag­ging itch, uncomfortable burn or pain of hem­or­rhoids, you have prob­a­bly strug­gled pro­vides multi-symp­tom re­lief. There are many brands on the shelves, but many of them use the same medicine to merely shrink swollen hem­or­rhoids. They’re not for­mu­lated to ease the itch­ing, burn­ing and pain that come along with the con­di­tion.

Many peo­ple with hem­or­rhoids are learning the pain re­lief se­cret doc­tors have known for a while: the key in­gre­di­ent to quickly re­lieve those uncomfortable symp­toms is li­do­caine 5%, which is the high­est strength avail­able without a pre­scrip­tion. Li­do­caine has been trusted for years as a lo­cal anes­thetic that pro­vides rapid, ef­fec­tive re­lief of pain, itch­ing and dis­com­fort, so it is ideal to help peo­ple with this uncomfortable and of­ten un­avoid­able con­di­tion.

How­ever, those need­ing re­lief from the pain and swelling of hem­or­rhoids would have had to pur­chase sep­a­rate prod­ucts with li­do­caine (for pain and dis­com­fort) and phenyle­phrine HCl (for swelling). That’s an ex­pen­sive and in­con­ve­nient so­lu­tion that, for many peo­ple, was un­for­tu­nately ne­c­es­sary to cope through­out the day.

Two Medicines To­gether for Pow­er­ful Re­lief

The mak­ers of Rec­tiCare® , the num­berone sell­ing li­do­caine-based he­m­or­rhoid re­lief prod­uct, heard the needs of cus­tomers want­ing multi-symp­tom re­lief. They cre­ated the only dual-ac­tion for­mula that com­bines both very ef­fec­tive medicines in one prod­uct for com­plete he­m­or­rhoid re­lief.

Rec­tiCare® Com­plete He­m­or­rhoid Care Sys­tem has both a sooth­ing cream and in­di­vid­u­ally wrapped wipes in one box. Both the cream and wipes con­tain li­do­caine and phenyle­phrine HCl – in the high­est con­cen­tra­tions

avail­able without a pre­scrip­tion. longer more prod­ucts to get the re­lief they need fr painful hem­or­rhoids.

Many he­m­or­rhoid suf­fer­ers, es­pe­cially those with a chronic prob­lem, need to have treat­ment avail­able through­out the day, wher­ever they are. Rec­tiCare Ad­vanced He­m­or­rhoidal Cream is your best op­tion for ef­fec­tive re­lief while you’re at home. Rec­tiCare Ad­vanced He­m­or­rhoidal Wipes are per­fect for when you’re on-the-go. The wipes are dis­creet, con­ve­nient, in­di­vid­u­ally wrapped and dis­pos­able, mak­ing it easy to ap­ply the two med­i­ca­tions you need at once. That’s why the Rec­tiCare Com­plete pack­age con­tains the dual-med­i­ca­tion cream , in one box.

Com­bin­ing the dual-ac­tion wipes and cream not only pro­vides con­ve­nient and ef­fec­tive re­lief from both pain and swelling, the two prod­ucts to­gether in one box is also a bet­ter value for those seek­ing com­plete he­m­or­rhoid re­lief through­out the day – es­pe­cially for VHQLRUV RQ D À[HG LQFRPH

Rec­tiCare is rec­om­mended by colon and rec­tal sur­geons for ef­fec­tive, multi-symp­tom he­m­or­rhoid re­lief. Buy the Rec­tiCare Com­plete He­m­or­rhoid Care Sys­tem now wher­ever you shop, in­clud­ing Wal­greens, CVS/phar­macy and Rite Aid, or learn more at Rec­

If you have more ques­tions about your con­di­tion or the treat­ments that can help, or your con­di­tion wors­ens, con­tact your doctor im­me­di­ately.

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