How to look more stylish at work

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H ere are a few sug­ges­tions for how to style your work look to put your best and most pro­fes­sional foot for­ward — with­out be­ing bor­ing or get­ting bored.

1. Or­ga­nize what you al­ready have. Fig­ure out what you al­ready have and what al­ready works for you. What’s your power color? Your best-fit­ting skirt or pair of pants? If you don’t al­ready have a lot of pieces that go with your power pieces, then you’re do­ing some­thing wrong. In­stead, max­i­mize what makes you feel best by choos­ing com­ple­men­tary items to sup­ple­ment your wardrobe. It will make out­fit plan­ning that much eas­ier, and means you feel great more of­ten than not.

2. Bal­ance your tex­tures. As much as you want to wear a suit made out of sweat­pants, most work-wear isn’t like this. Es­pe­cially if you wear a lot of one color or fab­ric, it’s best to add in a tex­tu­ral mix to keep your whole en­sem­ble from look­ing re­ally bor­ing. Ex­am­ples of good tex­tures to try in­clude: leather, cot­ton, chif­fon, silk, satin, and waxy coated fab­rics.

3. Get a good fit. Next time you’re clothes shop­ping or prun­ing back your wardrobe, try the fol­low­ing tricks. Check to see whether you can push your el­bows back in a but­ton-down shirt with­out buck­ling and gap­ping (no one at work wants to see your bra), and whether you can wedge a fin­ger space into your waist­band. Leave it on the rack if it isn’t spe­cial and doesn’t meet this cri­te­ria. And, most im­por­tantly, avoid any­thing that isn’t com­fort­able! And if a few won­der­ful things don’t fit you to aT — con­sider al­ter­ations.

5. Jazz it up. Jazz up your clas­sic (or even down­right bor­ing) look with a sin­gle state­ment piece fun shoes, a bag, a fab­u­lous neck­lace, in­ter­est­ing watch, or even lip or nail color. It’s all in the lit­tle deets.

6. Mix busi­ness and ca­sual. Turn a ca­sual look­ing out­fit: fem­i­nine top, struc­tured trousers or jeans, jacket, and pro­fes­sional bag into some­thing truly fierce with a pair of killer shoes. The shoes and qual­ity of the bag (and struc­ture/ fit of the ma­jor pieces of the out­fit) will sell it, even make you look re­laxed and hy­per-com­pe­tent.

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