Trump has an up­hill bat­tle against Clin­ton, but one he can win

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Ah, pol­i­tics. Fi­nally, it’s down to Mrs. Clin­ton ver­sus Mr. Trump, bar­ring in­dict­ment or a bro­kered con­ven­tion. It’s very clear on the one hand Clin­ton de­mands that women in gen­eral and she in par­tic­u­lar be treated equally with men, with what­ever that en­tails. How­ever, on the other hand, as a Demo­crat can­di­date for pres­i­dent, she glee­fully re­torts she is a woman and will surely play the woman card all the way, dwarf­ing even that of her party’s other handy gim­mick, the race card.

Re­peated, al­most nau­se­at­ing ads will soon roll around the clock. And whereas the great de­bates are some time off, soon both party’s nom­i­nees will be en­gag­ing in mock sce­nar­ios with fel­low team play­ers who will have thor­oughly stud­ied their can­di­date’s re­spec­tive ri­val. The twain will be schooled in avoid­ing his/her op­po­nent’s strengths while cap­i­tal­iz­ing on any per­ceived weak­nesses. Trump, as a Repub­li­can out­sider, is yet lim­ited in his knowl­edge and scope re­gard­ing clas­si­fied govern­ment mat­ters. How­ever, the un­der­dog will soon be au­tho­rized such in his need-to-know sta­tus and will be of­fi­cially spun-up on crit­i­cal is­sues of na­tional and in­ter­na­tional im­por­tance and learn fur­ther of flawed Demo­crat poli­cies. And he will fully rec­og­nize Clin­ton’s mis­steps and out­right fail­ures in con­cert with her party’s char­ac­ter­is­tic spins (be­tween in­ces­sant uh’s, um’s and ah’s ad nau­se­aum) ever so ca­pa­bly gen­er­at­ing pub­lic sym­pa­thy and ac­cep­tance.

Dur­ing up­com­ing de­bates, in his open­ing re­marks, Trump should fully de­clare that, as pres­i­dent, just as in his world of busi­ness, he will set­tle for noth­ing less than equal op­por­tu­nity treat­ment for all women, without ex­cep­tion. Bar­ring tax­payer funded abor­tions, he can cite his plans as pres­i­dent to pro­vide for a wide range of women’s health needs. Trump should clearly an­nounce his aware­ness that Clin­ton em­bod­ies gen­der equal­ity. Fur­ther, he should add that although very much a lady, she is his wor­thy op­po­nent and he nei­ther seeks to di­min­ish her gen­der nor fa­vor her for such. Trump should ex­claim, “Hil­lary, I know you’d have it no other way.” He should then di­vulge, there­fore, re­gard­less of gen­der, she can be as­sured he will treat her as he would any po­lit­i­cal con­tender for the most revered of­fice of pres­i­dent of these United States.

Trump can then lunge for­ward swing­ing ver­bally as if his op­po­nent were a fel­low heavy­weight cham­pion pos­sess­ing all the power of Washington, the me­dia and Hol­ly­wood, as in­deed Clin­ton does. Thus, this champ must be trumped de­ci­sively. While care­fully main­tain­ing good pos­ture, no holds are to be barred on Trump’s part, save his un­de­sir­able and all too of­ten fa­cial ges­tures and col­or­ful street lingo. This is the ideal op­por­tu­nity with which he can in­ter­face re­spect­fully yet con­clu­sively with this, his ab­so­lute most heav­ily fa­vored, po­lit­i­cally as­tute and evasive op­po­nent to date. For Trump to do any less will re­sult in the reign­ing lib­eral champ (buoyed by her hus­band and for­mer boss) her­alded as the well qual­i­fied can­di­date to lead this na­tion.

Bar­ring a knock­out on Trump’s part, even with unan­i­mous points scored, lib­eral obliged me­dia will con­tinue spin­ning things en­tirely in Clin­ton’s fa­vor as they col­lec­tively seek to de­stroy him by any means pos­si­ble. Even though out­sider Trump beat-out 16 other Repub­li­can con­tenders in the pri­maries, these for­mer can­di­dates en­joyed no fa­vor with lib­eral me­dia, just as he doesn’t.

Un­der no cir­cum­stance will me­dia break rank with their own. It’s just not in their genes even though a Trump pres­i­dency with a fully qual­i­fied con­ser­va­tive cabi­net, along with pro­jected Supreme Court nom­i­nees (thus gen­er­at­ing plenty of work on their be­half) would af­ford lim­it­less op­por­tu­ni­ties to lam­baste and de­ride him through­out his four to eight years of ser­vice. And es­pe­cially so if at any time Trump should err and re­sort to the handy prac­tice ha­bit­u­ally em­ployed by the cur­rent pres­i­dent. That be­ing whin­ing about his abysmal in­her­i­tance (even though he wanted the job) while craftily blam­ing his own lib­eral pol­icy fail­ures on one who had long since left of­fice.

Amer­i­cans must be fully in­formed of con­ve­niently con­cealed and glossed-over fail­ures of both Clin­ton and her Demo­crat party. And Trump is the per­son to do it. If his de­bate per­for­mance in­cor­po­rates these sim­ple rec­om­men­da­tions, in con­cert with his ex­hibit­ing a sub­stan­tive grasp of the is­sues, the White House can be his. By the good Lord’s grace and will­ing­ness of the Amer­i­can peo­ple this na­tion can be healed. The city on a hill will shine brightly as Amer­ica man­i­fests great­ness again. Those who op­pose us will trem­ble, some, i.e., ISIS, for the very first time, while our al­lies recom­mit their trust and reliance, i.e., Is­rael. So, Don­ald, the ring is be­ing read­ied for to gen­er­ate the deal of your life. You can drive Miss Hil­lary mad, back to Chap­paqua to re­tire as grandma in chief, or you will be very fired and Amer­ica will con­tinue to floun­der un­der duress in her fur­ther “fun­da­men­tal trans­for­ma­tion.”


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