Stu­dents take ed­u­ca­tion se­ri­ously

Maryland Independent - - Community Forum - Ti­mothy Staud­myer, Wal­dorf The writer is a stu­dent at North Point High School

As a stu­dent ath­lete at North Point High School, I take ex­cep­tion to the point of view as ex­pressed by TT Thomas’s “Let­ter to the Ed­i­tor” on Fri­day, March 25, to the Mary­land In­de­pen­dent. I am cur­rently in my ju­nior year at North Point and have played fall soc­cer and spring lacrosse for three years.

As a part of the lacrosse team we have a motto which each ath­lete lives by: “Fam­ily, Faith, School, Lacrosse,” mean­ing that lacrosse is a pri­or­ity, but it is not the top pri­or­ity for each stu­dent ath­lete. Each stu­dent is re­quired to main­tain a GPA of at least a 2.250 with­out ac­quir­ing any F’s. The lacrosse pro­gram is not just con­sid­ered a team, but a fam­ily. Each ath­lete who is a part of this fam­ily will not only help other team­mates ath­let­i­cally, but aca­dem­i­cally as well. Each player is re­spon­si­ble for at­tend­ing all prac­tices and games. If a player cannot at­tend a prac­tice or game be­cause of a fam­ily or aca­demic event, they are ex­cused but will lose play­ing time in or­der to al­low other play­ers a fair amount of time on the field. Even the “best play­ers” have to abide by these rules and are not ex­cluded from them.

I asked my lacrosse coach why he runs his lacrosse pro­gram the way that he does and he re­sponded, “to pre­vent [a let­ter] like ‘A Loss for Charles County’ to be writ­ten about my­self, the team, and the pro­gram as a whole.”

Coach Sol­lo­hub makes fair­ness to all ath­letes a pri­or­ity. Stu­dent ath­letes at North Point strive to rep­re­sent them­selves and their school in the most pos­i­tive ways. My ex­pe­ri­ence with the soc­cer pro­gram was sim­i­lar, in that ca­ma­raderie and good sports­man­ship was re­ally the main fo­cus of the team. We all aim to win, but con­cede that there is al­ways a lot to learn, and that win­ning is not guar­an­teed.

We, as stu­dents at North Point, are not any dif­fer­ent than stu­dents at other schools ei­ther in county or out of county. We all have try­outs, and we all have an equal chance of mak­ing the team. It is the ath­letes who work the hard­est that make the team. Al­though en­rolled in an STI pro­gram, and cur­rently zoned for an­other school in the county, I have par­tic­i­pated in sports try­outs for six sea­sons now with no as­sur­ances that I would suc­ceed in mak­ing the teams.

We know that many peo­ple be­lieve that we are a huge tal­ent-rich school who pro­cures the best play­ers from around the county, but the ath­letic tal­ent pool at any school is truly made up of those who choose to try­out. We may be looked upon as a school that should al­ways win and never lose, but the reality is that ev­ery team will not al­ways win, and ath­letes en­gag­ing in any com­pe­ti­tion will learn to grace­fully ac­cept losses as well.

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