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I am writ­ing in ref­er­ence to the ar­ti­cle [“Bap­tist preacher faces law­suit” in the July 8 edi­tion of the Mary­land In­de­pen­dent] writ­ten by An­drew Richard­son re­gard­ing the civil case that has been filed against the Cor­ricks.

I was ap­palled by the tone of the ar­ti­cle. Mr. Richard­son didn’t just re­port about the civil case — he took a sec­tion from the “plain­tiff’s” case and in­serted into his ar­ti­cle — mak­ing it sound as if it were fact. In­stead of start­ing the para­graph with “The plain­tiff’s com­plaint states…,” he in­serts it into the para­graph — where, as he well knows, most peo­ple will read over and not as­so­ciate the in­for­ma­tion as be­ing what the per­son mak­ing the claim is stat­ing and that it is not a proven fact.

As we all know, I could walk into a court­house to­day and file a com­plaint against any­one — stat­ing what I say are facts and for a fil­ing fee the com­plaint would be­come a court record — this does not make any part of it fact.

I was also per­plexed while read­ing Mr. Richard­son’s ar­ti­cle that he didn’t give per­sonal in­for­ma­tion re­gard­ing the ac­cuser in this mat­ter, how­ever, he made cer­tain to give in­for­ma­tion re­gard­ing all of the ac­cused. I guess Mr. Richard­son was more in­ter­ested in sell­ing news­pa­pers than writ­ing an ar­ti­cle that gave all the facts. Per­haps Mr. Richard­son should look into the ac­cuser and give facts about why none of his fam­ily would take him in when he had his health is­sues in 2011.

I was also dis­gusted by the fact Mr. Richard­son found it nec­es­sary to list what a per­son’s salary is to make it sound as if fil­ing a bank­ruptcy was de­ceit­ful. My ques­tions to Mr. Richard­son is “do you have any idea what the cost of de­fend­ing your­self against a false claim is?” Well let me tell you, it is costly — I work in the le­gal pro­fes­sion and at­tor­ney’s fees and costs don’t stop your day-to-day liv­ing ex­penses from need­ing to be paid.

Fi­nally, I want to touch on the per­son that Mr. Richard­son used to ti­tle his ar­ti­cle. Keith Cor­rick is a man with the high­est de­gree of in­tegrity and moral char­ac­ter that I have ever met in my life. I find it ut­terly re­pul­sive that the Mar yland In­de­pen­dent would write an ar­ti­cle in this dam­ag­ing man­ner about a man who has com­mit­ted him­self to serv­ing our com­mu­nity.

Brenda S. Robert­son, Me­chan­icsville

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