Abor­tion: Crime or sin?

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There was much sup­port for abor­tion at the Democrats’ Na­tional Con­ven­tion in Philadelphia. It was bragged about as women’s re­pro­duc­tive rights, which in most cases, is ac­tu­ally a gov­ern­ment-granted right for preg­nant women to mur­der their in­no­cent un­born chil­dren.

The Democrats ig­nore or fail to re­al­ize that each per­son is un­der two author­i­ties, church (re­li­gion) and state (gov­ern­ment). The first is eter­nal — sin(s) against its God-given com­mand­ments with­out re­pen­tance, confession and for­give­ness re­sults in eter­nity in hell. The se­cond is tem­po­ral — crime(s) against its man-made laws can re­sult in com­mu­nity ser­vice, fines, jail sen­tence or ex­e­cu­tion (in ex­treme cases).

Al­though abor­tion is no longer a crime, it is still a griev­ous sin, which is spec­i­fied in the Old Tes­ta­ment of the Bible for Jews and Mus­lims, and in both the Old and New Tes­ta­ments for Chris­tians.

Gen­e­sis 16:11 and about 17 other Scrip­tures de­fine a preg­nant woman as “with child.” What is grow­ing in a preg­nant woman is a per­son, not a blob of tis­sue like ton­sils or ap­pendixes that can be cut out and dis­carded or sold.

Proverbs 6:16,17 states that “God hates … hands that shed in­no­cent blood.” Un­born chil­dren are cer­tainly in­no­cent.

Ex­o­dus 21:22-24 states that “life for life” is the penalty for any­one killing an un­born child.

Deuteron­omy 24:16 states that “… a child shall not die for the sin of the fa­ther.”

That ap­plies to chil­dren con­ceived by rape or in­cest.

It also ap­plies to men and women who for­ni­cate or com­mit adul­tery, which re­sults in a preg­nancy, and then an abor­tion.

The ob­jec­tives of pro-lif­ers, mostly Repub­li­cans, is to save lives and souls. They try to keep preg­nant women from be­com­ing mur­der­ers by hav­ing their in­no­cent ba­bies aborted. They also try to keep fa­thers, rel­a­tives, friends, etc. from be­com­ing ac­com­plices to mur­der when they en­cour­age, fi­nance or as­sist in those mur­ders. If any­one votes for can­di­dates or the party that strongly sup­ports abor­tions, they too are ac­com­plices to those mur­ders.

We should all work to con­vince any­one in­volved with abor­tion that there is for­give­ness if they re­pent and turn away from that sin.

Be care­ful with your vote, be­cause at the last judg­ment we will stand be­fore God and not our gov­ern­ment to de­cide where each of us will spend eter­nity. Robert Boudreaux, Wal­dorf

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