We’re no bet­ter than the an­i­mals

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Killing is a mat­ter of de­gree. If we see a mos­quito get­ting blood from our arm, we are go­ing to slap it.

If we wake up at night and go into the kitchen, turn on the light and see cock­roaches scur­ry­ing all about, we are go­ing to put out some kind of poi­son spray.

If we see mouse drop­pings on our kitchen counter, we are go­ing to set some mouse traps.

Maybe you have deer, ground­hogs or rab­bits eat­ing up your gar­den.

The na­ture of things are that we have many an­i­mals that eat grass, and we have many an­i­mals with big, sharp teeth that eat these an­i­mals. Most of us know that big fish eat lit­tle fish. All through na­ture there is a life-and-death strug­gle. An­i­mals kill in or­der to have some­thing to eat, to sur­vive.

Then here we are: hu­man be­ings. We need to eat to sur­vive. Is it a cliche to say that we don’t think about killing when we bite into a juicy ham­burger, but some­body killed that cow so that we could have that burger. How about that piece of fried chicken or a cou­ple of pieces of ba­con? That chicken, cow and pig gave their all so that we might eat.

What I don’t un­der­stand is why man kills man. From the be­gin­ning of time man has been killing his own kind. And for what rea­son? Some­one doesn’t like an­other’s ide­ol­ogy or wants some­thing an­other per­son has and are will­ing to kill him to get it. What goes on in the brains of peo­ple will­ing to strap on a bomb and blow them­selves up along with in­no­cent peo­ple they don’t even know, or peo­ple who take weapons to “soft tar­gets” and shoot peo­ple? Where is the logic?

I guess we are no bet­ter than other an­i­mals — and maybe worse. Bill Bartlett, Val­ley Lee

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