Why do we set­tle down where we do?

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Where do we want to live? There are a lot of choices we can make all around this coun­try.

Many of us move be­cause of our job, health, mil­i­tary, to be close to our kids and grand­kids, and some­times just to get a fresh start.

I think about all the peo­ple who mi­grated here from other coun­tries through­out our his­tory. They left be­hind fam­ily, friends and so much they were fa­mil­iar with in their coun­try. I think about all the peo­ple who mi­grated across this coun­try and the hard­ships they en­dured as they trav­eled from one ocean to the other.

And I set­tled in South­ern Mary­land. Why did I do that? We are sur­rounded on three sides by wa­ter. I liked be­ing near the wa­ter with all the fish, crabs and oys­ters (al­though the bounty is not as good as it used to be). I first came in as a young boy. I had never seen a crab be­fore (lived in Wash­ing­ton, D.C.). I thought it was won­der­ful to get out on the river and get my own fish for din­ner.

Weather seems to be a big fac­tor when de­cid­ing where to live. Florida is too hot. You leave your air-con­di­tioned house, get into your air-con­di­tioned car and drive to the air-con­di­tioned store.

Yes, it can be nice in the win­ter­time. I like to see the sea­sons change, but not too much like up north; too much cold and too much snow. The desert South­west is just too hot and dry. The North­west seems to be a lit­tle too wet and cloudy. The mid­dle of the coun­try is sub­ject to too many tor­na­does; scares me. Sec­tions of the Gulf Coast tend to flood like Louisiana, where parts are be­low sea level. Some ar­eas along the Gulf and East coasts are in dan­ger of hur­ri­canes. We have some of all these things here. Some­times we are hot and dry, we do get some cold and snow and once in a while we feel the ef­fects of a hur­ri­cane, but not like other parts of the coun­try.

There are lot of nice peo­ple here, too. Did I know about and con­sider all these things be­fore I moved here per­ma­nently in 1972? No. But even a blind squir­rel gets an acorn now and then. Bill Bartlett, Val­ley Lee

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