The na­tion is more im­por­tant than who runs it

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Well the mess in Wash­ing­ton con­tin­ues.

Don­ald Trump’s tweets and other crazy, non­sense ac­tions con­tinue to cause con­tro­versy, re­sult­ing in noth­ing get­ting ac­com­plished in Congress. He has ticked off all of our long­time al­lies to where their sup­port of the United States is on shaky ground. With the emer­gence of North Ko­rea as a mil­i­tary power and China as a pow­er­ful coun­try we can­not af­ford to lose even one ally. We need all of our al­lies to help keep the world in check.

There are those who will say it’s the lib­eral news me­dia that are out to bring Trump down. I dis­agree. The news me­dia is re­port­ing on what the pres­i­dent says and does. The White House staff has said his tweets are of­fi­cial White House state­ments, so they can­not be ig­nored. Some peo­ple, in­clud­ing Repub­li­can sen­a­tors and con­gress­men and con­gress­women, are ex­press­ing dis­may at Don­ald Trump’s com­ments and ac­tions.

I don’t know why any­one is sur­prised at this. He was like this on the cam­paign trail, and has been this way his en­tire adult pub­lic life. His com­ments and ac­tions are dis­grace­ful and em­bar­rass­ing to say the least. Un­for­tu­nately, Don­ald Trump and the Repub­li­can Party are out to do one thing and one thing only: to undo ev­ery­thing Pres­i­dent Obama ac­com­plished. Not that I agree with ev­ery­thing Obama did, but he did ac­com­plish some good things. Whether you liked or dis­liked Pres­i­dent Obama the one thing he did do was rep­re­sent the of­fice of the pres­i­dent of the United States in a re­spect­ful and dig­ni­fied man­ner.

It’s time for the Repub­li­cans to put aside pro­tect­ing the party at all cost and do what is morally right for Amer­ica — and that is speak out in a more force­ful way against Don­ald Trump’s dis­grace­ful com­ments and ac­tions, and stop sup­port­ing him and mak­ing ex­cuses for him. Our coun­try is at stake here, and that is more im­por­tant than which party sits in the White House.

David Guyther, Leonard­town

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