Se­nior life? Who would’ve thought that to­day’s se­niors were yes­ter­day’s Hen­drix fans?

Also: Please help Camp Fire vic­tims all you can; free com­muter bus rides for us to get ac­quainted

Marysville Appeal-Democrat - - FORUM - By Steve Miller, ed­i­tor smiller@ap­pealdemo­

Jackie Sill­man prefers to think of the spe­cial sec­tion as “Sea­soned Life.” I don’t know. Sounds like a PBS cook­ing show, or maybe a fancy cock­tail.

I’ve got­ten other sug­ges­tions: “En­riched Life” (sounds like a re­tire­ment home). “Golden Life” (sounds like a mu­tual fund). “Old and in the Way” (al­ready taken). “Ne­an­derthal Life” (just kid­ding).

The idea of the pub­li­ca­tion is to fea­ture con­tent that’s rel­e­vant to peo­ple past their mid-fifties but def­i­nitely NOT past their prime. My in­spi­ra­tion? The mag­a­zine pub­lished by the AARP, which, re­ally caught my at­ten­tion a few years ago when it fea­tured a shot of the icon of my gen­er­a­tion Bob Dy­lan, look­ing very cool with very cool shades and a cool bolo tie and a cool leather jacket ... The mag­a­zine is full of tips for health, money man­age­ment, travel, hav­ing fun, check­ing in with other peo­ple “our age” and etc.

What do they call that AARP mag­a­zine? They call it “AARP: The Mag­a­zine.”

Fol­low­ing that model, maybe: “Ma­ture Peo­ple: The Mag­a­zine?”

Or “Peo­ple Who Know Why Old Phones Have Di­als: The Mag­a­zine?”

Or “Peo­ple Who Never Dreamed Peo­ple Over 60 Would Dig Jimi Hen­drix: The Mag­a­zine?”

I don’t know. Help me out. Shoot some sug­ges­tions to us via my Face­book page: www. face­­stevemiller/. Or write me a let­ter ... I’m cool with that, too. Steve Miller is Ed­i­tor of the Ap­pealdemo­crat

* Thumbs Down: We don’t even know where to start in em­pathiz­ing and feel­ing for the folks in the Par­adise area, who lost ev­ery­thing to the Camp Fire. Homes and prop­erty, im­por­tant com­mu­nity in­fra­struc­ture ... and hu­man life.

We’re keep­ing them all in our med­i­ta­tions, as well as the fire­fight­ers and emer­gency work­ers who are fight­ing the con­fla­gra­tion. Their task is enor­mous ... a foot­ball field equals 1.32 acres and the fire had con­sumed some 80,000 acres the last we heard.

When you walk out in the morn­ing and find your car sprin­kled with ash from that fire and the sky or­ange be­cause of the smoke in the air, think about our neigh­bors to the north. Else­where in this edi­tion, there is a story about how to con­trib­ute to help the evac­uees. Please help.

* Thumbs Up: We’re work­ing up the courage (and try­ing to find the right time) to try out the com­muter bus to Sacra­mento ... Our re­porter Randi Love did a fea­ture story on it last week. It seems like quite the deal: it’s cheaper than driv­ing your­self; it’s bet­ter for the en­vi­ron­ment; it’s eas­ier and more con­ve­nient, with no park­ing headaches; the ride-time can be pro­duc­tive time as you work on your stuff or it can be sleep time; it saves wear and tear on your per­sonal ve­hi­cle.

It’s just that ... well ... I’ve never taken it be­fore. Me and a whole lot of oth­ers.

It all seems log­i­cal. Still there’s some hes­i­ta­tion. What if you get mixed up about times and miss a ride home? What if you mis­read the sched­ule and end up late to a class or an ap­point­ment?

“When you’re leav­ing be­hind your car, you’re look­ing for a level of com­fort that is equal to what you are leav­ing be­hind,” said Keith Mar­tin, Yuba-sutter Tran­sit man­ager in that story we pub­lished. He’s cor­rect.

Just to help peo­ple get past the ba­sics, po­ten­tial com­muters can test things out as the tran­sit au­thor­ity is of­fer­ing free roundtrip rides on the Sacra­mento com­muter buses.

Text Big­green­bus at #888111, or visit www.yuba­sut­ter­tran­sit. com.

* Ugh: A col­lec­tion of short­ies from a big friend:

“I’m re­ally proud of my­self. I fin­ished a jig­saw puz­zle in just un­der a six months ... and the box said, 4-6 years.”

“I had a re­ally bad day. First my ex got run over by a bus. Then I got fired from my job with the bus ser­vice.”

Hus­band: “Eesh, look at that drunk woman over there.” Wife: “Who is she?” Hus­band: Well ... 10 years ago she was in love with me and then I broke up with her.” Wife: “Wow, and she’s still cel­e­brat­ing.”

Par­ent: “Do you think I’m a bad par­ent, Jimmy?” Child: “My name is Jack.”

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