It Amazes Me How In­tol­er­ant Peo­ple Have Be­come!


It amazes me how in­tol­er­ant peo­ple have be­come! They preach tol­er­ance, tol­er­ance and more tol­er­ance but seek to si­lence and squelch any­one who might hold a dif­fer­ent view than their own.

I write this col­umn be­cause I just re­ceived an ed­i­to­rial col­umn on tol­er­ance which calls upon par­ents and chil­dren to be ad­vo­cates for tol­er­ance in their com­mu­ni­ties. It of­fers ad­vice and sug­ges­tions for pro­mot­ing tol­er­ance in the home, at school and at church. It en­cour­ages chil­dren and par­ents to or­ga­nize clubs and pro­mote tol­er­ance through pub­lic aware­ness events, ac­tiv­i­ties and marches. But, it’s hypocrisy at the high­est level!

The au­thors were ask­ing me to pub­lish their pro­pa­ganda piece and then pay them for its use; but, be­ing the in­tol­er­ant fel­low I am, I’d have to in­sist the au­thors pay the news­pa­per to have their views pub­lished.

The col­umn ad­vo­cates that par­ents and chil­dren make sure their schools are now us­ing the lat­est text­books and ma­te­ri­als which in­doc­tri­nate lit­tle chil­dren with the views that al­ter­na­tive life­styles, in­clud­ing same-sex mar­riage and ho­mo­sex­u­al­ity and more, are per­fectly nor­mal and should be ac­cepted as such. Par­ents are en­cour­aged to in­tro­duce their chil­dren to peo­ple with dif­fer­ent views and life­styles so they can learn to ac­cept all as nor­mal and OK. How­ever, if a fam­ily mem­ber or ac­quain­tance holds to views which are crit­i­cal of other groups and be­liefs, that per­son is to be re­buked for his in­tol­er­ance, and his be­hav­ior and be­liefs are not to be tol­er­ated.

Par­ents who send their chil­dren to churches and re­li­gious pro­grams are to en­sure that re­li­gious in­struc­tion does not crit­i­cize or warn against un­be­lief, sin or al­ter­na­tive life­styles; and, if churches fail to preach and teach that ev­ery­one, every be­lief and every life­style is OK, then par­ents should leave that church and find one that does. The nar­row­minded, Bi­ble-be­liev­ing church is not to be tol­er­ated.

And, not sur­pris­ingly, those who hold to Bib­li­cal views are clas­si­fied as hate groups not to be tol­er­ated in mod­ern so­ci­ety. If one teaches the Ten Com­mand­ments and calls it sin­ful to mis­use God’s name, to ne­glect the hear­ing His Word, to kill the un­born, to dis­honor God’s in­sti­tu­tion of mar­riage, or to be dis­hon­est in one’s deal­ing with oth­ers, he is be­ing hate­ful, even though obe­di­ence to God’s com­mand­ments is ac­tu­ally the lov­ing thing to do — love to­ward God and to­ward one’s neigh­bor.

If one preaches that Chris­tian­ity is the only true re­li­gion or that, apart from Je­sus Christ and His cross, there is no other way to be saved (Acts 4:12; John 14:6), he is be­ing nar­row-minded, in­tol­er­ant and hate­ful.

What all this says to me as a Bi­ble-be­liev­ing Chris­tian, and es­pe­cially as one who openly teaches and preaches the things God says in the Bi­ble, is that I’m not to be tol­er­ated. Even though by God’s grace in Christ Je­sus, I have enough of God’s love in me to de­sire that all peo­ple re­pent of their sin­ful ways and look to Je­sus and His cross for mercy and for­give­ness, the preach­ers of tol­er­ance to­day view me as hate­ful and some­one who should be si­lenced. Just to state the facts hon­estly and clearly, the preach­ers of tol­er­ance say I should tol­er­ate their views but they can be to­tally in­tol­er­ant of mine!

And, I ex­pect we haven’t seen any­thing yet. The hate­ful­ness and in­tol­er­ance of those preach­ing tol­er­ance are just be­gin­ning to show their ugly heads. Don’t be sur­prised when the in­tol­er­ance of the sup­pos­edly tol­er­ant leads to the pulling down and burn­ing of churches which preach the Bi­ble, re­mov­ing or ban­ning Bib­li­cal teach­ing from the pub­lic arena (in print, on the air­waves and on the In­ter­net), and maybe even the in­car­cer­a­tion or killing of Chris­tians! It’s prob­a­bly a lot closer than most of us think!

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