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tes­ti­mony so much.

Our Pas­tor, Brother Mark Hall brought us God’s mes­sage “Be­ing Ready,” with scrip­ture from Matthew 25:1-13 which tells of the para­ble of the 10 vir­gins. A para­ble is an earthly story with a spir­i­tual mean­ing.

Brother Mark read the words of Je­sus from the Bi­ble which tells us of the im­por­tance of be­ing ready and on time. “The name on our church is not im­por­tant. What’s im­por­tant is that we know the name of Je­sus,” Bro. Mark told us.

In Matthew, Je­sus tells of 10 women go­ing to a wed­ding. Five were ready and five weren’t. Brother Mark talked about what made them ready and what didn’t make them ready and the six sim­i­lar­i­ties in the women.

First, they were all mem­bers of the same bridal party, but just be­ing a mem­ber didn’t get them in. They were all in­vited, but not all got in the door. Se­cond, they were all good moral girls, but that didn’t get them in ei­ther. “Just be­ing good doesn’t get you in Heaven. When you talk about who de­serves heaven and who doesn’t, none of us do.”

The third thing they all had in com­mon was that they all had the same ma­te­rial, a lamp. “The lamp was a sym­bol of faith and their pro­fes­sion of faith. Did they re­pent and their lives re­flect hav­ing the Holy Spirit in them? With­out pro­fes­sion of faith, the oil, their lamp won’t glow.” Fourth, “they all had the same mo­tive, to meet the bride­groom, just like we all want to meet Je­sus.”

Brother Mark told us fifth, they all had the same man­ner­isms. “They all looked alike on the out­side and if the five who were ready had known the other five weren’t, I am sure they would have talked to them about be­ing ready. Are we do­ing the same thing with our friends and loved ones and ask­ing them if they are ready?”

And lastly, they all had the same mind­set and ex­pec­ta­tions of get­ting in. “All as­sumed they were ready and would get in even though they were late, but the door shut.” Af­ter talk­ing about the sim­i­lar­i­ties in the women, Brother Mark read the words of Je­sus in Matthew 7:21-23 and said there was only one dif­fer­ence in them. “Five of them all made the same mis­take. They never re­pented and made sure their lamp was full of the Holy Spirit. With­out the Holy Spirit, re­pen­tance is im­pos­si­ble and doesn’t work.” In Matthew 25:13, Je­sus says, “Watch there­fore, for you know nei­ther the day nor the hour in which the Son Of Man is Com­ing.”

In clos­ing, Brother Mark asked, “Are you ready? Are you ready if He comes to­day? You must be ready when He comes. The door will open, but it won’t stay open.”

Spring Street sang the hymn of in­vi­ta­tion and J. T. Blanken­ship gave the bene­dic­tion. We all then en­joyed lunch and lis­ten­ing to the won­der­ful mu­sic of Spring Street af­ter­wards. It was a great day of fel­low­ship, mu­sic, food and praise as we cel­e­brated 113 years of wor­ship at Mill Creek Bap­tist Church. We in­vite you to wor­ship with us on Sun­day morn­ings at 11 a.m. Sun­day school be­gins at 10 a.m. Ev­ery­one is al­ways wel­come at the lit­tle white church on the creek.

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