Se­ri­ously? Na­tional Me­dia Fair And Bal­anced?


Can any­one truly say, with a straight face, that they think most of the na­tional me­dia is fair and bal­anced in how they present the dif­fer­ent views?

Does any­one re­ally doubt that a lot of the na­tional me­dia cover­age is slanted when it comes to re­port­ing? Can any­one truly say, with a straight face, that they think most of the na­tional me­dia is fair and bal­anced in how they present the dif­fer­ent views?

If you truly be­lieve that it isn’t slanted then please just quit read­ing. I’m only go­ing to cause your blood pres­sure to go through the roof.

A cou­ple of weeks ago Pres­i­dent Trump re­sponded to the in­ci­dent at Char­lottesville by say­ing that there were good peo­ple on both sides of the con­flict as well as bad play­ers. I may not be get­ting the quote ex­act but that’s the gist of what he said.

The me­dia and politi­cians (from all an­gles) jumped all over him be­cause he had the au­dac­ity to not re­spond in the ex­act way they wanted. He con­demned ha­tred of any kind but that wasn’t enough. They wanted him to call out the white su­prem­a­cists by name and any­thing short of that made him a racist.

Where were these same me­dia peo­ple when Pres­i­dent Obama re­fused to ut­ter the words “ter­ror­ists” and “Mus­lims” in the same sen­tence? I’m not sure if he ever re­ally ad­mit­ted that most vi­o­lent ter­ror­ist events in the world were com­mit­ted by Mus­lim ex­trem­ists and the me­dia was just fine with him not cross­ing that imag­i­nary line and call­ing it what it was.

Do you think maybe there is a lit­tle bias on the part of our “un­bi­ased” na­tional me­dia out­lets? Surely not. If there were, then I’m sure the na­tional me­dia would re­port on it. Don’t you think?

Yes, I’m be­ing a lit­tle (no make that a lot) cyn­i­cal but I’m tired of the dou­ble stan­dard that is ever present by the peo­ple we used to de­pend on to be hon­est and fair. I watch main­stream news be­cause I don’t want to get all my news from one source but I am savvy enough to rec­og­nize bias. But a lot of peo­ple aren’t and they ac­tu­ally think the na­tional me­dia is be­ing fair.

For the record, I think dumb is dumb on both ends of the scale and I think we should ac­knowl­edge that ex­trem­ists who pro­mote hate should be called out and held ac­count­able. The KKK and all other hate groups should be con­demned. I seem to re­mem­ber some Black Lives Mat­ter lead­ers called for vi­o­lence and the na­tional me­dia sure didn’t whip them­selves into a frenzy over that stance.

Here’s another ex­am­ple of slanted re­port­ing. Pres­i­dent Trump goes to Texas im­me­di­ately af­ter Hur­ri­cane Har­vey and is then slammed by some be­cause he didn’t sound com­pas­sion­ate enough. Se­ri­ously. He goes as soon as it is safe to show sup­port and he is ac­cused of not be­ing sin­cere enough. Give me a break!

And then some on so­cial me­dia slam Me­la­nia for wear­ing 4-inch heels to board the plane to go to Houston. Of course, not sure, they then men­tioned that she changed while she was on the plane and wore jeans and flat shoes when she got off.

Se­ri­ously. We have a ma­jor catas­tro­phe with se­vere de­struc­tion of prop­erty and loss of life and some id­iots fo­cus on the First Lady’s shoes. As For­rest Gump said, “stupid is as stupid does.”

I am so fed up that we put any cre­dence in small­minded peo­ple who light up so­cial me­dia with snarly com­ments that serve no pur­pose be­sides tear­ing some­one down.

Can we agree that such pet­ti­ness is wrong? And can we agree that hate is hate re­gard­less of some­one’s skin color, gen­der or po­lit­i­cal per­sua­sion. And can we agree that the news me­dia should re­port the news and not try to put their per­sonal slant on it? (Note that I used the term “news” me­dia be­cause there is a dif­fer­ence be­tween com­men­tary and re­port­ing.)

If any­thing good can come out of a ter­ri­ble tragedy like Hur­ri­cane Har­vey it is that such times re­mind us of how much we have in com­mon ver­sus what makes us dif­fer­ent. I have seen a mul­ti­tude of pic­tures in the af­ter­math of the hur­ri­cane show­ing peo­ple of all ages and all eth­nic­i­ties as­sist­ing those that needed help — re­gard­less of who they are.

It is at times like this that petty dif­fer­ences fade away and hu­man­ity shines bright­est. I am so tired of stupid and I am so tired of peo­ple cre­at­ing prob­lems out of sit­u­a­tions that aren’t re­ally prob­lems. I just hate that we some­times have to be at our worst to see the best in oth­ers.

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