The Skinny On Sin: It’s Ev­ery­one’s Prob­lem

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Gra­cie Al­li­son and Linda Jarvis were cel­e­brat­ing birth­days and we greeted sev­eral vis­i­tors as we gath­ered to wor­ship Sun­day morn­ing at Mill Creek Bap­tist Church. Spe­cial prayers were re­quested for many, in­clud­ing Tom and Mil­dred Sharp. Janet Chaney gave the de­vo­tional as she read “Jake the Rancher,” a story about talk­ing to God more than just when we are in trou­ble and need him im­me­di­ately. Prayers can’t be an­swered un­less they are prayed. We need to kneel and pray but it is im­por­tant that we know God. Scrip­ture was from Matthew 6:32.

Con­gre­ga­tional hymns of praise in­cluded “The Fam­ily of God” and “My Redeemer” with spe­cial mu­sic from Karen Gard­ner. Rick Lett and Wayne John­son served as ush­ers and col­lected the of­fer­tory. Our pas­tor, Brother Mark Hall pre­sented Gra­cie Al­li­son with her Cer­tifi­cate of Bap­tism.

Brother Mark brought us God’s mes­sage, “The Skinny on Sin,” and read the words of Je­sus from John 16:7-13. Brother Mark told us we need truth in our coun­try. The truth of the spirit of the Holy Spirit. “There is so much con­fu­sion and de­ceit in the world be­cause peo­ple don’t know the truth. Some don’t want to know the truth and some are afraid of the truth. Ev­ery­one in the world, no mat­ter who they are, has some­thing in com­mon. No mat­ter what or who you are, we all have the same big­gest prob­lem and that is sin. Sin is the rea­son for all of our sin prob­lems. So few peo­ple know the truth and not ev­ery­one wants to hear it or all of it and some just have their ver­sion of it. There are three truths about sin we must re­mem­ber, the truth about sin, the truth about right­eous­ness and the truth about judg­ment.” In John 16:8-9 Je­sus says “And when He has come, He will con­vict the world of sin, and of right­eous­ness, and of judg­ment; of sin be­cause they do not be­lieve in Me.”

Brother Mark told us we must lay down our pride and let Je­sus teach us the truth about sin. “We have to have an ab­so­lute and that is the word of God, not the opin­ion of man. We were born with the na­ture of sin as it talks about in Eph­e­sians 2:1-3.” Brother Mark con­tin­ued, “A Chris­tian may lapse into sin and loathes it and is guilt rid­den. A sin­ner leaps into sin and loves it. A man is not a sin­ner be­cause he sins, he sins be­cause he is a sin­ner. We are not just sin­ners be­cause of what we have done but also be­cause of what we are ca­pa­ble of do­ing. It would be eas­ier to for­give oth­ers if we re­mem­ber what we are ca­pa­ble of, too.

Are you more apt to be dis­ap­pointed with peo­ple for do­ing wrong or pleased with peo­ple when they do right?” As Brother Mark talked about work­ing cat­tle, he said, “Calves will kick and sin­ners will sin.”

Ro­mans 3:23 says “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Brother Mark re­minded us that small sins are still sins. “We are all sin­ners be­cause of what we did and what we didn’t do when we were ca­pa­ble. God cre­ated us to love, serve and know God. The great­est sin is that of un­be­lief. Un­be­lief is re­fus­ing the almighty God and the proof is man’s wicked­ness. Un­be­lief is the sin that con­demns us. Un­be­lief is not an in­tel­lec­tual sin, it comes form the heart. (He­brews 3:12-13) If sin is our big­gest prob­lem, then the rea­son for sin is un­be­lief. If a man re­ally be­lieves God ex­ists and sees all he does will he still steal, do drugs, speak ill of his neigh­bor and stay home from church?” (Ro­mans 7:14 through 8:10) Brother Mark con­tin­ued by telling us that sin has us in its grasp.

“Chris­tians some­times be­come bur­dened with guilt be­cause they hear about the per­fect sin-free life. When you live as a Chris­tian, you don’t have to do it on your own. Sin is ev­ery­one’s prob­lem. Right­eous­ness is ev­ery­one’s an­swer. Je­sus didn’t just come to heal and teach. He came to save those who are lost and to pro­vide right­eous­ness for sin­ners. (Luke 19:10) The world be­lieves that a man is a sin­ner if he does wrong and he is right­eous if he does right. The world also be­lieves that if our good works out­weigh our bad works then we go to heaven when we die. That is be­cause we try to es­tab­lish our own stan­dard for right­eous­ness. (Gala­tians 2:21) If we could be saved by do­ing good works, Je­sus wouldn’t have had to die on the cross for our sins.” (John 3:16)

Brother Mark told us there are three things that will hap­pen to us when we be­lieve in Je­sus Christ. “First, He changes what we are. (II Corinthi­ans 5:17-21). Sec­ond, He for­gives what we have done. (He­brews 9:24-28). Third, He gives us what we need the most. (Ro­mans 4:5) When we be­lieve in Je­sus Christ, an ac­count is opened for us in heaven in our name. Je­sus de­posits right­eous­ness into our ac­count and that is what we need the most. Whey do we have to have it? Be­cause of judg­ment, be­cause we all sin. We will be judged ac­cord­ing to the right­eous­ness of God. God made Je­sus to be sin for us so we could be the right­eous­ness of God for our ac­count.”

In clos­ing, Brother Mark said, “We are all sin­ners and we all need right­eous­ness so when we get to the judg­ment we can draw out of our ac­count that Je­sus put there for us. It just takes be­lief. (John 3:16). Do you have that ac­count in heaven? When you con­fess be­fore men your faith in Je­sus Christ, He will pro­fess you be­fore the Fa­ther.”

Our hymn of in­vi­ta­tion was “With­out Him” and Steve Ma­son gave the bene­dic­tion. We in­vite you to wor­ship with us at Mill Creek Bap­tist Church. Next Sun­day we will have a guest speaker as Ron Mackey will talk about the Mis­souri Bap­tist Home. Sun­day school be­gins at 10 a.m. and wor­ship ser­vice at 11 a.m.

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