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Clinic of Cos­metic Surgery

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What are the most pop­u­lar per­ma­nent makeup choices?

Brows, by far. Clients are look­ing for the nat­u­ral look of microblading, which is a process that em­beds hair strokes in the skin, rather than the solid tat­tooed look of years ago. We’ve been do­ing hair strokes for 27 years, and the beauty of it is that you can take some­one with ab­so­lutely no brow, or a sparse brow, and cre­ate a very nat­u­ral look.

How is per­ma­nent makeup ap­plied?

Whether it’s microblading or eye­liner or any other cos­metic pro­ce­dure, the process is sim­i­lar: The area is cleansed, then top­i­cally numbed. Then we draw on the area to cre­ate a tem­plate, so the client can see it and help us get the shape and re­sults they are look­ing for. It’s a team ef­fort, with the client guid­ing us in terms of color place­ment. From there, we build up the area we’re work­ing on. When we get close to fill­ing in the area, we again ask the client to help di­rect us as to ex­actly where they want to see more.

Do these pro­ce­dures hurt?

The sen­sa­tion is min­i­mal, as we use top­i­cal numb­ing agents de­signed to make the process ex­tremely com­fort­able. Most clients de­scribe the process as a tick­ling feel­ing.

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