FMS Su­per EZ V2

A ter­rific ready-to-fly trainer and sport plane for land and sea

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A ter­rific ready-to-fly trainer and sport plane for land and sea

For years, FMS has been mak­ing a va­ri­ety of foam sport mod­els. Its sim­ple and valu­able de­signs have al­ways been a great ad­di­tion to our hobby. The new Su­per

EZ V2 with op­tional floats is no ex­cep­tion; it’s a great trainer and Sun­day flier that boasts won­der­ful fly­ing char­ac­ter­is­tics and a straight­for­ward de­sign. The Su­per EZ is built en­tirely out of molded high-den­sity foam. ABS pieces are used where nec­es­sary, and ev­ery­thing is well thought out.

All you need to com­plete your Su­per EZ is in­cluded in the box with the ex­cep­tion of your trans­mit­ter, re­ceiver, flight bat­tery, and charger. All hard­ware is di­vided into bags for easy assem­bly. There is also an an­odized alu­minum pre­built land­ing gear, with axles and wheels pre­in­stalled. There are also ex­ten­sions for the servo con­nec­tions that need them and ev­ery­thing you will need to mount the in­cluded floats.

FMS de­signed this plane for the begin­ner pilot and be­yond. It claims that the Su­per EZ needs no elec­tronic sta­bi­liza­tion to be a good first trainer, and af­ter fly­ing it, I have to agree. The Su­per

EZ is a great-fly­ing plane, and with a lit­tle help from some­one with ex­pe­ri­ence, any­one could use it to learn to fly.



All the con­trol sur­faces on the Su­per EZ are pre­hinged and ready for flight. Even the pushrods are pre­in­stalled with the ex­cep­tion of the el­e­va­tor, which you con­nect af­ter you in­stall the hor­i­zon­tal sta­bi­lizer on the fuse­lage. The Su­per EZ uses the stan­dard “full house” con­trols: throt­tle, el­e­va­tor, rud­der, and ailerons. The lack of flaps and re­tracts sim­pli­fies the assem­bly process and min­i­mizes the num­ber of things you, as a mod­eler, need to be con­cerned with.

As men­tioned ear­lier, ev­ery­thing on the Su­per EZ is con­structed out of foam. The only ex­cep­tions are the few ABS items, like the spin­ner, the wing hold-down, and the con­trol horns. Ev­ery­thing comes preat­tached and ready for fi­nal assem­bly, and no glue is re­quired—a nice touch. Ev­ery­thing is at­tached with met­ric screws, which speeds things up and avoids any po­ten­tial mess. Most of the screws are Allen-head types.

An­other nice fea­ture is the in­cluded quick­re­lease “screws,” which al­low you to re­move the wing in a mat­ter of sec­onds. FMS even ta­pered them to match the air­foil of the wing for a clean look. When build­ing the Su­per EZ, I made zero mod­i­fi­ca­tions to the in­tended de­sign. The mo­tor, prop, and spin­ner on the Su­per EZ even come in­stalled. The speed con­trol is prewired, and the mo­tor turns in the cor­rect di­rec­tion. Molded-in duct­ing keeps ev­ery­thing nice and cool.

The Su­per EZ also comes with all graph­ics ap­plied, us­ing both paint and de­cals. There is no fin­ish work left for you, other than to as­sem­ble the model and fly.


The wheels on the Su­per EZ are a lit­tle on the small size. For this rea­son, you will want a well-man­i­cured grass run­way or some­thing smoother, like packed dirt or pave­ment. The Su­per EZ is small and slows down nicely, so you re­ally only need about a 200-foot run­way. This or a de­cent-size pond with­out a lot of trees is all you need for good fly­ing fun.


Sta­bil­ity: The Su­per EZ is ex­tremely sta­ble. FMS de­signed this plane to fly with­out elec­tronic as­sis­tance, and it did a great job. From slow to fast, I al­ways felt in con­trol and com­fort­able. I even spent a good por­tion of my flight fly­ing low and slow with­out ever leav­ing the perime­ter of the run­way and with­out ex­ceed­ing 10 feet. The Su­per EZ han­dled it all with ease.

Track­ing: As a high-wing model, the Su­per EZ will get buf­feted around a lit­tle with a breeze or ther­mal ac­tiv­ity, but over­all, it goes where it is pointed.

Aer­o­bat­ics: Although this is not an aer­o­batic model, the Su­per EZ does a great job on all the ba­sics. It has plenty of power for big round loops and per­forms rolls, ham­mer­heads, and Cuban-8s.

Glide and stall per­for­mance: With its light wing load­ing and fairly clean lines, the Su­per EZ glides well and has an al­most un­no­tice­able break in a stall. When the power was pulled back, I found it easy to re­tain my air­speed and glide all the way to the run­way for an easy touch­down.


The Su­per EZ re­ally de­liv­ered on all of FMS’s prom­ises. It is a lot of fun to fly and would def­i­nitely make a great trainer or Sun­day fun model.

Top: All servos come pre­in­stalled and ready for flight. Above: There is plenty of room for your re­ceiver and all wiring be­neath the wing. Right: The ABS quick-con­nect sys­tem for the wing is a nice touch and makes in­stalling and re­mov­ing the wing fast...

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