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Re­cently, for our “Ques­tion of the Week,” we asked what turns our read­ers on about scale RC air­planes and their fa­vorite pieces of scale de­tail. For the diehard MAN edi­tors, per­haps the most im­por­tant de­tail is a scale pilot fig­ure—one with the cor­rect equip­ment and gog­gles. Here are some of the answers we re­ceived.

Adam Graves: I like the whole pack­age of a truly scale air­plane: work­ing flaps, scale pro­pel­ler, dummy en­gine, re­tracts—the whole nine yards. Add a func­tional bomb drop and a slid­ing canopy and you’re re­ally cook­ing with gas.

Keith A. Voelker: While any ad­di­tional scale ap­pear­ance and/or func­tional item will al­ways en­hance a scale air­plane, one of my fa­vorite ad­di­tions is the RC pilot’s abil­ity to fly the plane in as scale a man­ner as pos­si­ble. For most of us sev­eral yards and more away from a scale plane, the ap­pear­ance of all the scale items blends into the en­tire plane. What is left is the en­tire plane’s over­all ap­pear­ance for what it re­ally is: namely, fly­ing as the orig­i­nal full-scale plane flew.

Dan Dirk­sen: I re­ally like a well-de­tailed cock­pit. There are many mod­els with scale out­lines, work­ing flaps, re­tracts, bomb drops, etc. How­ever, the cock­pit is where my eyes are first drawn to when I look at a scale model. There are so many fea­tures to most cock­pits that one can spend al­most as much time in the cock­pit de­tail­ing as build­ing the rest of the plane.

Hank McCabe: I think de­tail­ing is very im­por­tant. To me it’s per­sonal sat­is­fac­tion, even though, like Dan said, it is time-con­sum­ing. But it’s well worth it in the end.

Jeb: I agree. An ac­cu­rate and re­al­is­tic scale pilot is the most im­por­tant to me. There are many avail­able at high prices. Un­for­tu­nately, any­thing priced for the av­er­age mod­eler is just plain ugly.

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