De­cals, De­cals, and More De­cals

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The kit comes with three dif­fer­ent types of de­cals that all have their own way of be­ing ap­plied. Two large light blue sheets have peel-and-stick de­cals; one white sheet has a shiny plas­tic over­lay; and the other white sheet has a flat fin­ish and wa­ter­style de­cals.

For the peel-and-stick de­cals, which are mostly for the wing, I lightly sprayed glass cleaner on the spot where each de­cal will be ap­plied. This al­lows me to move the de­cal un­til I have it in the right lo­ca­tion, then I rub it from the in­side out un­til it is all smoothed down. Use a paper towel to wick away the clean­ing so­lu­tion. The body de­cals are on the white paper with the clear plas­tic over­lay. These are ap­plied by peel­ing off the back­ing paper, so the de­cal and clear plas­tic over­sheet stay to­gether. This keeps the let­ters aligned and makes it easy to line them up on the fuse­lage. Place one side of the de­cal down on the fuse­lage and slowly rub out the air bub­bles, work­ing your way from one side of the de­cal to the other. Rub only on the de­cals, and don’t worry about the clear plas­tic. Be care­ful as you can­not lift up or shift the de­cal around after it has been placed down.

The flat-fin­ish wa­ter de­cals are used on both the body and fuse­lage. Cut around each de­cal, place it in wa­ter for 30 to 40 sec­onds, and pull it out. You can now move the de­cal on the back­ing paper so that one of its edges is hang­ing off the paper. Place that down in the cor­rect po­si­tion, and slide the back­ing paper off from un­der the de­cal. You can move the de­cal into the cor­rect lo­ca­tion while it is wet, but be aware that it is frag­ile and will eas­ily rip apart. The best method is to place the edge of the de­cal in the proper po­si­tion so that, when you slide out the paper, the de­cal lies down with­out need­ing to be moved. Dab the de­cal with a paper towel so that it wicks up the re­main­ing wa­ter. Let it dry com­pletely be­fore touch­ing it again. When you’ve fin­ished, you will be sur­prised at just how much de­tail all those de­cals add to the plane.

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