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The se­cret to mak­ing good solder joints is to use a suf­fi­cient amount of heat. If you don’t use enough heat, your solder joints will ap­pear rough and dull.

Proper solder joints are flow­ing and bright.

When ap­ply­ing heat, do not ap­ply solder di­rectly to the tip. Add a small amount of solder on the tip of your iron and then touch it to the pieces be­ing sol­dered. The solder will help carry the heat from the iron to the joint.

Heat the base metal so that it be­comes suf­fi­ciently hot to melt the solder, then flow more solder into the joint from the op­po­site side of the part. Once the solder has been ap­plied to the con­nec­tion, re­move the sol­der­ing iron and let the joint cool with­out dis­turb­ing it, un­til all the solder has so­lid­i­fied and cooled.

Avoid us­ing too much heat, and don’t ap­ply more solder than needed.

Al­ways pre-tin com­po­nents be­fore sol­der­ing, es­pe­cially stranded wire.

Keep your sol­der­ing iron clean, and have a damp sponge handy to wipe off the tip ox­i­da­tion. A clean iron pro­motes good heat trans­fer.

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