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Re­cently, when I was set­ting up a model’s ra­dio sys­tem, I dis­cov­ered that I needed to re­verse a cou­ple of ser­vos due to an ori­en­ta­tion prob­lem in the way they were mounted. Since I was us­ing Hitec HS­7245MH dig­i­tal ser­vos, I knew it was pos­si­ble to make the changes my­self if I had the right tool. I popped over to Hitec’s web­site and, after a bit of read­ing, de­cided on one of the sev­eral op­tions there.

The Hitec HFP­30 is a pro­gram­mer for Hitec dig­i­tal ser­vos and a servo tester for all brands of ser­vos, dig­i­tal or ana­log. So after it ar­rived, I was able to eas­ily and quickly re­verse the two ser­vos I needed to, as well as set non­stan­dard end­points in a cou­ple of others. If I had known how easy servo pro­gram­ming is, I’d have been do­ing it long ago.

With just a bat­tery and the HFP­30, it’s pos­si­ble to do a lot of servo­test­ing chores and new model set­ups with­out hav­ing to go through the whole ra­dio­startup rou­tine. I find it eas­ier to use the HFP­30 when set­ting up a new model’s con­trol sur­faces than hook­ing up the re­ceiver and us­ing the trans­mit­ter. I can sim­ply plug in the servo to the HFP­30, power it up, and (in Man­ual Test mode) set the servo to cen­ter. That makes it easy to get the sur­face ad­justed prop­erly, and any fine ad­just­ments that may be needed can be made later in the trans­mit­ter. The HFP­30 is a su­per­handy tool, and I use it more of­ten than I ever ex­pected. It costs about $80.00. hite­crcd.com

Hitec’s HFP-30 is easy to use and ver­sa­tile. It can pro­gram Hitec dig­i­tal ser­vos, test any servo, set up con­trol sur­faces dur­ing model assem­bly, and au­to­mat­i­cally cy­cle ser­vos for cur­rent test­ing.

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