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Pho­tog­ra­phers and videog­ra­phers have been us­ing Len­sPens for clean­ing their cam­era lens for more than 20 years now. They are a great, com­pact way to clean and keep the dust off lenses and fil­ters. With so many drones com­ing on the mar­ket with nice 4K cam­eras al­ready at­tached, drone pi­lots want to keep all their lenses sparkling clean to cap­ture that ma­jes­tic land­scape that the drone plat­form of­fers. For those pi­lots, Len­sPen now of­fers a clean­ing pen that is spe­cially de­signed for drone cam­eras: the DronePen.

Drone cam­eras are es­pe­cially sus­cep­ti­ble to dirt by the blast of air that comes off the prop dur­ing take­off. Even when tak­ing off from a land­ing pad (which you should al­ways have, by the way), the dirt around the edge of the pad will be kicked into the air and some of it will land on the cam­era lens. That is why we al­ways clean our lenses be­fore each flight and af­ter the last flight of the day. We found the DronePen to be the best tool for this type of clean­ing and much bet­ter than the mi­cro­cloth we were us­ing be­fore. It has a re­tractable soft brush at one end, which is used to re­move most of the lose par­ti­cles on the lens or fil­ter. At the other end is a clean­ing tip, un­der the screw on/off cap, that can re­move any mi­cro par­ti­cles. For re­ally stub­born par­ti­cles, gen­tly breathe on the lens and use the clean­ing tip. We found that the brush does the job most of the time, so we don’t al­ways use the clean­ing tip un­less we need it to re­move fin­ger­prints or smudges. The DronePen is a com­pact clean­ing tool that works well and is easy to store in the drone case. We highly rec­om­mend this $14.95 tool to any drone pi­lot who wants a crys­tal-clean lens to cap­ture the best im­ages pos­si­ble.—The Model Air­plane News crew len­spen.com

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