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We re­cently posted a video show­ing the lat­est ver­sion of hu­man-car­ry­ing ex­per­i­men­tal air­craft from the com­pany Kitty Hawk. The Flyer, ba­si­cally an over­sized mul­ti­copter with 10 mo­tor/ro­tor units and with a pair of floats to pro­vide op­er­a­tion off wa­ter, is a wild com­bi­na­tion of an

ATV, a wet bike, and a mul­ti­ro­tor drone all wrapped up in a sin­gle pack­age. Kitty Hawk is treat­ing the Flyer like an ul­tra­light and says you don’t need a li­cense to op­er­ate it. The video shows the 250-pound Flyer op­er­at­ing off of and around the wa­ter, and Kitty Hawk is al­ready said to be tak­ing pre­orders for its new de­ca­copter. And of course, you folks had plenty to say. Graham Crow: Oh, I want one of those soooooo much.

Reid An­der­son: LOL! “Never need a li­cense.” I’ll give it a year be­fore the FAA says you have to.

Den­nis Hix­son: It prob­a­bly gets about 10 min­utes of flight time, then you sit around for an hour or two charg­ing the bat­tery for an­other 10 min­utes. Not worth the money.

K. J. Spear­man: Electrics are lim­ited by bat­tery tech­nol­ogy, and we know tech­nol­ogy nearly dou­bles ev­ery few years, so this will be fea­si­ble in the near fu­ture.

Keith Green: So why has ev­ery­one de­sign­ing th­ese things never heard of blade guards? With­out them it looks to me like a flying Cuisi­nart.

Kevin Wi­ley: “No li­cense re­quired.” LOL! Wait un­til some­one flies into Class B airspace.

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