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“As the ef­fects of the Af­ford­able Care Act come into fo­cus, it be­comes clear that when the ma­jor­ity of physi­cians are no longer self-em­ployed—and bar­ring any leg­is­la­tion to the con­trary—their new em­ployed sta­tus will pro­vide doc­tors with the right to col­lec­tive bar­gain­ing. … If doc­tors union­ize, that raises an im­me­di­ate ques­tion about their right to strike—the key lever in col­lec­tive bar­gain­ing.” —Dr. David Lef­fell, former CEO of the Yale Med­i­cal Group and a pro­fes­sor at the Yale School of Medicine, in a com­men­tary in the

Wall Street Jour­nal “Mehmet was al­ways unique, but now he has mor­phed into a megabrand. When he tells peo­ple the num­ber of sex­ual en­coun­ters they need each year to im­prove their lives in a spe­cific way, or how to lose weight in three days—this is sim­ply lu­nacy. The prob­lem is that he is elo­quent and tal­ented, and some of what he says clearly pro­vides a ser­vice we need. But how are con­sumers to know what is real and what is magic? Be­cause Mehmet of­fers both as if they were one.”

—Dr. Eric Topol, pro­fes­sor of ge­nomics and the di­rec­tor of the Trans­la­tional Sci­ence In­sti­tute at the Scripps Re­search In­sti­tute, in

a New Yorker pro­file of Dr. Mehmet Oz

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