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“How are you go­ing to feel if you have to go into an emer­gency room? You’ll walk in there, and see chair af­ter chair of work­ing poor peo­ple— hard-work­ing peo­ple—know­ing that’s their health­care sys­tem, when we could have given them a bet­ter an­swer.” —Michi­gan Gov. Rick Sny­der, in a Reuters story, ap­peal­ing to

fel­low Repub­li­cans to ex­pand Med­i­caid in the state “Given that we come from Kansas, it’s much eas­ier to say, ‘Call your for­mer gover­nor.’ You say, ‘She’s the one. She’s re­spon­si­ble. She was your gover­nor, elected twice, and now you re-elected the pres­i­dent, but he picked her.’ ” —Rep. Tim Huel­skamp (R-Kan.) re­fer­ring to HHS Sec­re­tary Kath­leen Se­be­lius, in The Hill, in a story on GOP mem­bers of Congress who say they won’t as­sist their con­stituents in ob­tain­ing

ben­e­fits un­der the health re­form law “Al­though nearly a quar­ter of Amer­i­cans say they don’t know their view on the ‘health re­form law,’ the pub­lic is more opin­ion­ated when asked about ‘Oba­macare’: the share of­fer­ing no opin­ion drops to 11%, and the shares ex­press­ing both fa­vor­able and un­fa­vor­able views of the law rise when this term is used. Democrats show the big­gest change in fa­vor­a­bil­ity with the al­ter­nate ques­tion word­ing—73% say they have a fa­vor­able opin­ion of ‘Oba­macare’ com­pared to 58% who say the same for the ‘health re­form law.’ ”

—Kaiser Health Track­ing Poll for June 2013

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