En­gage­ment is key to heal­ing physi­cian burnout


Some 50% of U.S. physi­cians suf­fer, have suf­fered, or will suf­fer from burnout.

Think about that. When you con­sider how piv­otal physi­cians are to the de­liv­ery of health­care, the fact that so many strug­gle with the emo­tional ex­haus­tion, cyn­i­cism and loss of pur­pose that de­fine burnout is shock­ing.

This is an is­sue whose time has come. Physi­cian burnout deeply af­fects pa­tient safety, clin­i­cal qual­ity and cost. Any health sys­tem that thrives in this time of dis­rup­tion and con­tin­u­ous change will have to ad­dress this epi­demic. Be­ing a high-per­for­mance or­ga­ni­za­tion—and cer­tainly a Best Places to Work or­ga­ni­za­tion—means mak­ing sure physi­cians are aligned, en­gaged and healthy.

I’ve known and worked with many physi­cians over the years and I’ve seen first­hand how car­ing, ded­i­cated and pas­sion­ate they are. There’s no doubt they want to take the best pos­si­ble care of pa­tients. How­ever, like all health­care pro­fes­sion­als, they are over­whelmed by the mas­sive changes hap­pen­ing in our industry.

The great news is that by work­ing with physi­cians to get them aligned and en­gaged, health sys­tems can help pre­vent and heal burnout. En­gage­ment and burnout are on op­po­site ends of the spec­trum; when physi­cians are en­gaged they won’t burn out, and vice versa.

There’s never been a bet­ter time to re­ally hardwire th­ese tac­tics. En­gag­ing physi­cians has al­ways been a goal in health­care but, un­til re­cently, the time wasn’t right. Now, with value-based pur­chas­ing and chang­ing em­ploy­ment struc­tures, we’re more mo­ti­vated than ever to fi­nally make se­ri­ous head­way.

Best Places to Work provider or­ga­ni­za­tions are al­ready thriv­ing, even in the face of so much change. That’s why I’m con­fi­dent they’ll view the burnout epi­demic as an op­por­tu­nity to re­cap­ture the hearts and minds of physi­cians.

When physi­cians re­ally buy into and get ex­cited about an or­ga­ni­za­tion’s mis­sion, they’ll put the full force of their pas­sion, in­tel­li­gence and car­ing be­hind that mis­sion. When physi­cians thrive, we all thrive, no mat­ter what sec­tor of the industry. Let’s come to­gether and make it hap­pen.



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