Top 10 high­lights in new AHCA bill

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• Ends the tax penalty against peo­ple with­out cov­er­age.

• Phases out Med­i­caid ex­pan­sion fund­ing.

• Changes Med­i­caid from an open-ended pro­gram to one that gives states fixed amounts of money per per­son.

• Re­places the ACA’s cost-shar­ing sub­si­dies based mostly on in­comes and pre­mium costs with tax cred­its that grow with age.

• Re­peals taxes on the wealthy, in­sur­ers, drug and med­i­calde­vice mak­ers.

• Con­sumers who let their cov­er­age lapse for more than 63 days in a year would be charged 30% sur­charges to re­gain in­sur­ance. This would in­clude peo­ple with pre-ex­ist­ing med­i­cal con­di­tions.

• State waivers would al­low in­sur­ers to charge older cus­tomers higher pre­mi­ums with­out limit.

• States get an ex­tra $8 bil­lion over five years to fi­nance high-risk pools that cover those with pre­ex­ist­ing con­di­tions.

• States get $130 bil­lion over a decade to help peo­ple af­ford cov­er­age.

• Keeps ACA pro­vi­sion that chil­dren can re­main on their par­ents’ in­sur­ance plans un­til age 26.

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