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It pays to be an anti-Semitic racist. No, lit­er­ally. You can make money, gain fol­low­ers, become an in­ter­net sen­sa­tion — just by post­ing hate. The more you hate, the more you gain. ProPublica — a non-profit news or­ga­ni­za­tion — found out that Face­book’s ad­ver­tis­ing al­go­rithms, for one, had di­rected the pitches of racists and anti-Semites di­rectly to the news feeds of like-minded haters.

It worked, un­til the gl­itch was ex­posed and Face­book moved to cor­rect it.

How in hell did that hap­pen in the first place? Like this: Face­book, Google and Twit­ter — which know more about what you’re do­ing than you do — send no­ti­fi­ca­tions about cer­tain ads and posts so that you can reach more peo­ple with a boost for a few bucks.

These ads and posts then get sent to peo­ple with your in­ter­ests, whether that’s walk­ing your dog, visit­ing the flower show or tar­get­ing the Jews next door.

Big­ots had their tar­geted ads au­to­mat­i­cally di­rected into the news feeds of sub-hu­mans who’d pre­vi­ously searched out terms like “Jew hater,” “how to burn Jews,” and “His­tory of ‘why Jews ruin the world.’”

The prac­tice was ex­posed when ProPublica paid a mere 30 bucks to boost three test racist pitches. All three were ap­proved in 15 min­utes, de­spite safe­guards that were sup­posed to be in place.

Twit­ter, which didn’t seem to have lim­its, broke down too, ac­cord­ing to the Daily Beast.

Google was worse. Buz­zFeed found the search en­gine ac­tu­ally helped racists find search terms like “black peo­ple ruin neigh­bor­hoods.” What about, “haters ruin the in­ter­net?” These glitches are sup­pos­edly be­ing cor­rected. On the bright side of the dark side of the web is that once these freaks com­mit, ad­mit and spit out their hate online, their hate is there for­ever. They can delete their posts, de­stroy their hard drives and throw their phones into the ocean, but the posts still ex­ist some­where in cy­berspace, wait­ing for some­one to some­how find them.

Take Gainesville’s “Hot Cop” Michael Hamill, one of the three smokin’ po­lice of­fi­cers work­ing Hur­ri­cane Irma. He thought his anti-Semitic posts were toast. They weren’t and now he’s not just hot, he could be fired if they’re sub­stan­ti­ated. Hot Cop had al­legedly posted, “Here is one for ev­ery­body, ‘What’s the

dif­fer­ence be­tween Boy By God, it took long enough but fi­nally “Lord love a duck” has gone from id­i­otic id­iom to fan­tas­tic fact. A fed­eral ap­peals court up­held a Cal­i­for­nia law ban­ning foie gras made by stick­ing 10-to12-inch me­tal tubes down the an­i­mals’ throats and force-feed­ing them like a Torque­mada tor­ture de­vice. This causes the an­i­mals’ liv­ers to grow grotesquely large, so hu­man goug­ing gourmets can spread them on toast. The rul­ing has driven celebrity chefs into fren­zies of fury, call­ing the ban­ning of this cru­elty ba­nanas. The hideous prac­tice has been banned in coun­tries where pâté is part of the na­tional cui­sine, but that doesn’t mat­ter to these Amer­i­can chefs, whose clien­tele prob­a­bly wouldn’t know pâté from paste. Scouts and Jews? Any­body know? Well it is be­cause Boy Scouts come back from their camps.’”

Or, about his cure for stupid peo­ple? “Put them in an oven and deal with them the Hitler way. Haha.” Maybe that’s a death wish for him­self, be­cause these posts are as stupid as they are dan­ger­ous.

Won­der if he boosted those posts? Face­book’s al­go­rithms would have sent them right into the news feeds of like-minded Hit­lerites. Or, more to the point: How come the Gainesville PD didn’t vet his so­cial me­dia be­fore hir­ing him?

Hitler didn’t die. He’s alive and well and is now called so­cial, or make that anti-so­cial me­dia. Pres­i­dent The Don­ald thought he’d be show­ing in­clu­sive­ness AND thrifti­ness by hir­ing a black woman, but the match might be headed for can­cel­la­tion. As re­ported in the Daily News’ Con­fi­den­tial col­umn on Fri­day, “Ap­pren­tice” ap­pren­tice Omarosa Mani­gault might get knocked from her perch as di­rec­tor of com­mu­ni­ca­tions for the Of­fice of Pub­lic Li­ai­son. Is Omarosa in­com­pe­tent, or did Trump re­al­ize that no­body ac­tu­ally knows what a di­rec­tor of com­mu­ni­ca­tions for the Of­fice of Pub­lic Li­ai­son does? Or was it just an­other Fri­day when Don­ald gets all itchy.

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