Bed­bugs lured by dirty duds

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IF YOU air your dirty laun­dry, peo­ple might see your bed­bugs.

The creepy-crawly crit­ters pre­fer soiled cloth­ing to clean, re­searchers at Bri­tain’s Univer­sity of Sh­effield found in a study.

It’s known the pests spread by latch­ing onto clothes, but the ex­per­i­ment re­vealed they pre­fer dirty to clean. The sci­en­tists put four totes of ap­parel, two soiled, two clean, in two iden­ti­cal rooms with bed bugs. Car­bon diox­ide was pumped into one room to sim­u­late the CO2 hu­mans ex­hale.

The bugs in the room with­out the CO2 were twice as likely to hang out in the soiled bags than the clean ones. In the room with the car­bon diox­ide, the bugs went look­ing for a hu­man snack.

“Our study sug­gests that keep­ing dirty laun­dry in a sealed bag, par­tic­u­larly when stay­ing in a ho­tel, could re­duce the chances of peo­ple tak­ing bed­bugs home . . . which may re­duce the spread of in­fes­ta­tions,” lead au­thor Wil­liam Hent­ley said.

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