If it’s your birth­day


MMer­cury en­ters your sign on the an­niver­sary of your birth, which is say­ing it’s time to speak the truth of who you are. As a Libra, you are born with a nat­u­ral gift for di­plo­macy, and a good sup­ply of so­cial lubri­ca­tion. You will still have those re­sources avail­able when you dare to speak di­rectly, with­out hes­i­ta­tion, of what mat­ters to you the most. You share a birth­day with Elie Wiesel, Mar­ion Cotil­lard, and T-Pain. MARCH 21-APRIL 19 You don’t need the ap­proval of oth­ers. What you need is to re­late to the com­mu­nity around you on your terms rather than theirs. Any­way, there is no ‘theirs’, as each in­di­vid­ual has his or her own sense of ap­pro­pri­ate­ness. All you can re­ally do is be you, and let the con­fetti fly. APRIL 20-MAY 20 It may take you a few days to de­cide whether you’re be­ing hon­est with your­self, and whether oth­ers are be­ing hon­est with you. That’s okay, be­cause the truth re­veals it­self in its own way and in its own time. Yet be cau­tious if you find your­self ac­tively in de­nial of some­thing. MAY 21-JUNE 20 How do you know if you re­ally feel the way you think you feel? Well, if you have to ask, then it would be healthy to take some time and see if what you’re ob­serv­ing now is still true in a day, a week and a month. Time is a de­pend­able mea­sure, if you’re pay­ing at­ten­tion. JUNE 21-JULY 22 Pro­ceed with a spirit of col­lab­o­ra­tion, based on the idea that we’re all in this to­gether. What­ever you want to ac­com­plish, it’ll be eas­ier with help; so make a few phone calls and see who you can re­cruit to the cause. Min­gle work with some kind of so­cial event later, for max­i­mum ef­fect. JULY 23-AUG. 22 On many ac­counts, your as­trol­ogy is de­scrib­ing your suc­cess in at­tain­ing a new depth of self-re­spect. This is not just an idea. It’s about tap­ping into strength within your­self that you can al­ways have ac­cess to. One key to this strength is prac­tic­ing sin­cer­ity in all that you say and do. AUG. 23-SEPT. 22 Venus and Mars re­main in your birth sign, mak­ing this one of the most pro­duc­tive and ex­cit­ing times of the year for you. You’re a per­son of many tal­ents, and you can suc­ceed at any­thing you choose. The key, though, is to se­lect some­thing you’re gen­uinely pas­sion­ate about. OCT. 23-NOV. 21 Your so­lar chart is so pow­er­ful at the mo­ment, it’s a won­der you can even sleep for an hour. It’s like you’re ex­pe­ri­enc­ing 12 full moons all at once. How­ever, try to catch a few winks of sleep, and write down your dreams. There’s some fan­tas­tic cin­ema play­ing on the as­tral plane. NOV. 22-DEC. 21 This mo­ment has been a long time com­ing. It’s not easy to move en­ergy on our planet at this time, or rather there’s so much al­ready mov­ing that noth­ing seems to mat­ter. What you are do­ing does in­deed mat­ter, and you’re likely to know it. Don’t worry about the fi­nal re­sult. Stick to the task at hand. DEC. 22-JAN. 19 Mer­cury has en­tered the suc­cess and rep­u­ta­tion an­gle of your chart, and you’re likely to be get­ting the at­ten­tion of peo­ple in a po­si­tion to help you suc­ceed. Re­mem­ber, though, that you must be ac­count­able for your words and for your ac­tions. And you must stay on mes­sage. JAN. 20-FEB. 18 The Moon now in your sign, and Mer­cury newly in Libra, are of­fer­ing you a fresh per­spec­tive on life. It’s worth hold­ing out and not giv­ing in to fear in any form. It’s worth adopt­ing an op­ti­mistic point of view, es­pe­cially when it comes to your own choices. Cur­rently, pos­i­tive op­tions abound. FEB. 19-MARCH 20 Make sure any re­la­tion­ship you’re in is in har­mony with the wider pur­pose you’ve set for your life. Not ev­ery­one is as gen­er­ous as you are, though you know the power of shar­ing. You might con­sciously be more open to re­ceiv­ing, which will make it eas­ier for oth­ers to give.

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