Hol­ly­wood Hypocrisy: The Left’s Si­lence on Har­vey

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Fi­nally, Hol­ly­wood’s big­gest movie mogul is outed for abus­ing women over decades (“Swine-stein hor­ror tales,” Oct. 11).

Any­one who stood by watch­ing this de­plorable man in ac­tion is just as guilty. Hol­ly­wood is so full of it­self — con­stantly mouthing off about the in­jus­tices of so­ci­ety.

Th­ese very peo­ple threw Billy Bush un­der the bus for deroga­tory com­ments, yet stood silent as this vile per­son al­legedly raped, abused and bul­lied women. I’m sick of the hypocrisy. It’s time to boy­cott Hol­ly­wood. Pe­riod. It’s time to si­lence th­ese blowhards. Cathy Cena Brook­lyn

Th­ese lib­er­als in Hol­ly­wood who hate Pres­i­dent Trump so much al­lowed a preda­tor like Har­vey We­in­stein to prey on young women for years and said noth­ing. And please don’t in­sult our in­tel­li­gence by say­ing they didn’t know.

This be­hav­ior has been go­ing on in Hol­ly­wood for years. It’s a dirty lit­tle se­cret kept by dirty peo­ple. Th­ese poor women were just pawns with nowhere to go.

Those who failed to speak up are just as guilty as he is. Matthew Gal­cik Montauk

Clearly, We­in­stein’s vic­tims felt they would be tar­gets of re­tal­i­a­tion no mat­ter what.

They didn’t see band­ing to­gether to tell their truth as an op­tion un­til now. It’s scary and de­press­ing. Merel Janes Man­hat­tan

Ev­ery­one on the left is now com­ing out to con­demn We­in­stein, but only af­ter his decades of al­leged rape, as­sault and sex­ual ha­rass­ment were re­vealed to the gen­eral pub­lic.

It was a Hol­ly­wood open se­cret for decades, akin to the Catholic Church’s cover­ing up its pe­dophile pri­ests.

Now Hil­lary Clin­ton is at­tack­ing We­in­stein. Un­til this month, the Clin­tons were on good terms with him.

The left will tol­er­ate al­most any­thing a lib­eral does or says. Ro­man Polan­ski is an­other ex­am­ple of a Hol­ly­wood dar­ling, even though he ad­mit­ted and was con­victed of as­sault­ing a mi­nor. Wayne John­son Alexan­dria, Va.

Hol­ly­wood got caught with its pants down. The “holier than thou” Meryl Streep claimed that not ev­ery­one knew.

It seems many knew and closed their eyes be­cause ap­par­ently a movie role is far more im­por­tant than turn­ing in an abuser of women. Hol­ly­wood is a cesspool. Ron Za­jicek Cort­landt Manor Are we re­ally shocked to hear all the sor­did tales of We­in­stein’s be­hav­ior?

The su­per-rich live in a dif­fer­ent world. For how long now have we heard of the an­tics of the too many men who, be­cause of their wealth, feel enti- tled to any wo­man they choose?

It’s sad lis­ten­ing to the in­flu­en­tial women in en­ter­tain­ment and pol­i­tics who say they’re for women’s equal­ity. Where were they all th­ese years?

It’s such a farce. Now, af­ter many years, they all come for­ward. Too bad it’s a lit­tle too late. Sam King Man­hat­tan

We­in­stein is cer­tainly not the first sleazy en­ter­tain­ment maven to use his pow­er­ful perch to take ad­van­tage of as­pir­ing young ac­tresses who oth­er­wise would not give him a sec­ond glance.

Ac­com­mo­dat­ing the car­nal de­mands of a pro­ducer or di­rec­tor for ca­reer pur­poses has been go­ing on for decades.

To para­phrase Lorne Michaels, “it’s a Hol­ly­wood thing.” Den­nis Mid­dle­brooks Brook­lyn

Hil­lary would have us be­lieve she’s a great cham­pion for women, es­pe­cially vic­tims of sex­ual as­sault.

Yet she’s yukked it up with the likes of An­thony Weiner, We­in­stein and, of course, her own hus­band, Bill Clin­ton.

Sur­rounded for years by sex­ual de­viants, Hil­lary’s ei­ther the most clue­less women’s ad­vo­cate of all time or an as­tound­ingly cyn­i­cal liar. Which is it, Hil­lary sup­port­ers? Pete McAr­dle York­town Heights

To be­lieve that Bill and Hil­lary didn’t know about We­in­stein’s be­hav­ior is like be­liev­ing that Cap­tain Louis Re­nault didn’t know about the gam­bling at Rick’s gin joint in Casablanca. Jake McNi­cholas White­stone

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