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7KH :HVW RRFNKLOO WDx FROlec­tor’s cur­rent pay rate of $7.40 SHr WDx ELOO IRr WRZnVKLS SrRSHrWy WDxHV ZRn’W EH FKDnJLnJ Ln WKH nHxW IRur years.

“I think the is­sue we’re fac­ing is our rev­enues are GRZn, VWDIfinJ LV GRZn DnG I strug­gle with an in­crease at this point,” West Rock­hill Town­ship Board of Su­per­vi­sors mem­ber Don Du­vall said at the board’s Jan. 16 meet­ing.

“We haven’t given our town­ship staff in­creases in three years and I don’t think we can do it now,” board Chair­man Jay heyser said.

7KH WDx FROOHFWRr’V VDOary must be set in time for po­ten­tial can­di­dates for the po­si­tion to know the salary be­fore de­cid­ing whether to run for the elected po­si­tion. This is an elec­tion year for the four-year terms.

The mu­nic­i­pal­ity, county and school district each set rates sep­a­rately, with each SDyLnJ RnOy IRr WKH WDxHV col­lected for that en­tity.

“Things are really tough right now and it shows from the lack of plan­ning com­mis­sion meet­ings,” heyser said. “There’s not a whole lot go­ing on.”

Ear­lier in the meet­ing, .HyVHr KDG nRWHG WKDW VLx RI the sched­uled monthly plan­ning com­mis­sions were can­celed last year be­cause there were no devel­op­ment plans to be re­viewed. The Jan­uary 2013 meet­ing was also can­celled.

7Dx CROOHFWRr 6uzDnnH Clarke’s report that a num­ber of prop­er­ties didn’t pay WKHLr 2012 WDxHV Ey yHDr’V end is an­other in­di­ca­tor of the tight econ­omy, heyser said.

Along with an in­crease in delin­quen­cies, there were more peo­ple wait­ing un­til the very end of the year to SDy DnG KDYLnJ GLI­fiFuOWy paying the bills, Clarke said.

“We did have a lot of peoSOH WKLV yHDr WKDW MuVW KDG D really hard time,” Clarke said dur­ing her report.

Dur­ing the dis­cus­sion of WKH WDx FROOHFWRr’V SDy rDWH, board mem­ber John Mann said the town­ship has not in­FrHDVHG LWV WDx.

“We look to you to know we are cut­ting back as much as we can to keep you from KDYLnJ D WDx LnFrHDVH,” KH said.

Du­vall said he thought West Rock­hill’s rate of pay WR WKH WDx FROOHFWRr ZDV HTuDO to or more than what’s paid by oth­ers paying by the bill, but Clarke said the West Rock­hill rate is in the mid­dle for lo­cal towns.

Along with ask­ing for an in­crease in the pay rate, Clarke had also re­quested the town­ship re­im­burse the WDx FROOHFWRr IRr WHFKnRORJy DnG FRnYHnWLRn HxSHnVHV.

Dur­ing the dis­cus­sion at the meet­ing, she asked if the town­ship would at least pay for con­ven­tions she must at­tend, as it does for the board of su­per­vi­sors. Mary Eberle, town­ship so­lic­i­tor, said the law re­quires the town­ship to pay for the su­per­vi­sors to at­tend the con­ven­tion, but does not re­quire that the munLFLSDOLWy SDy IRr WKH WDx FROlec­tor to at­tend.

The board said it would not FKDnJH WKH HxLVWLnJ SDy rDWH Rr add the re­im­burse­ment.

In other mat­ters at the Jan. 16 meet­ing:

• .HYLn 0FDRnDOG RuW- OLnHG KLV (DJOH 6FRuW SrRMect plans to in­stall a sign at the re­cy­cling cen­ter at the town­ship build­ing on Ridge Road.

“The ba­sic idea of the VLJn LV MuVW WR SrRPRWH clean­li­ness down at the re­cy­cling cen­ter and ad­ver­tise the rules,” McDon­ald said.

The sign will be 6 feet wide and 3 feet high.

“vou can’t say you didn’t see that sign,” heyser said.

Mann said one of the big­gest prob­lems is that peo­ple drop off re­cy­clables while the con­tainer has been re­moved to be emp­tied and then those items get blown around.

The most im­por­tant rule is for peo­ple not to drop re­cy­clables off when the bin’s not there, board mem­bers agreed.

• DuYDOO VDLG WKHrH’V D ORW of lit­ter and de­bris on Route 309, SDrWLFuODrOy EHWZHHn State Road and Lawn Av­enue.

“Could we talk to the state about clean­ing that up? It looks like holy toledo,” Du­vall said. “It’s rather un­sightly, both sides of the road­way.”

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