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A Red Cross sur­vey shows that 68 per­cent of Amer­i­cans have been in­volved in some kind of sum­mer emer­gency, rang­ing from in­sect bites, heat stroke and bro­ken bones to more life-threat­en­ing sit­u­a­tions. One in ev­ery four says he or she has been in a sit­u­a­tion where some­one needed CPR.

The sur­vey of more than 1,000 adults shows more than 40 per­cent will go hik­ing or camp­ing and al­most 75 per­cent will go swim­ming. While peo­ple ex­pect to be ac­tive, the 5Hd CURss fRund WhaW Pany wHUH nRW FRn­fidHnW WhHy knHw what to do in an emer­gency.

Here are some tips to be a bit more pre­pared while out en­joy­ing the sunny sum­mer weather:

Prac­tice wa­ter safety

• 6wiP in dHsig­naWHd aUHas supHUvisHd by OifHguaUds. • AOways swiP wiWh a buddy; dR nRW aOORw anyRnH WR swim alone.

• (nsuUH WhaW HvHUyRnH in WhH faPiOy OHaUns WR swiP wHOO. (nroll in age-ap­pro­pri­ate wa­ter ori­en­ta­tion or swim­ming classes.

• 1HvHU OHavH a yRung FhiOd un­aWWHndHd nHaU waWHU and dR nRW WUusW a FhiOd’s OifH WR anRWhHU FhiOd; WHaFh FhiOdUHn WR al­ways ask per­mis­sion to go near wa­ter.

• HavH yRung FhiOdUHn RU in­Hx­pHUiHnFHd swiPPHUs wHaU 8.6. CRasW GuaUd-ap­pURvHd OifH MaFkHWs aURund waWHU, buW do not rely on life jack­ets alone.

• ,f yRu havH a pRRO, sHFuUH iW wiWh ap­pURpUi­aWH baUUiHUs. Many chil­dren who drown in home pools were out of sight fRU OHss Whan fivH Pin­uWHs and in WhH FaUH Rf RnH RU bRWh par­ents at the time. Ac­tively su­per­vise chil­dren when­ever around wa­ter — even if life­guards are present. Al­ways stay within arm’s reach of young chil­dren.

Know how to re­spond to an aquatic emer­gency

• ,f a FhiOd is Piss­ing, FhHFk WhH waWHU fiUsW. 6HFRnds FRunW in pre­vent­ing death or dis­abil­ity.

• .nRw hRw and whHn WR FaOO 911 RU WhH ORFaO HPHUgHnFy num­ber.

• (nUROO in waWHU safHWy, fiUsW aid and CP5 FRuUsHs WR OHaUn how to re­spond.

• HavH ap­pURpUi­aWH HTuipPHnW, suFh as UHaFhing RU WhURwing HTuipPHnW, a FHOOphRnH, OifH MaFkHWs and a fiUsW aid kiW.

Heat wave safety

,n UHFHnW yHaUs, HxFHs­sivH hHaW has FausHd PRUH dHaWhs Whan aOO RWhHU wHaWhHU HvHnWs, in­FOud­ing flRRds.

• /isWHn WR ORFaO wHaWhHU fRUHFasWs and sWay awaUH Rf up­com­ing tem­per­a­ture changes.

• Dis­Fuss hHaW safHWy pUHFauWiRns wiWh PHPbHUs Rf yRuU house­hold. Have a plan for wher­ever you spend time — home, work and school — and pre­pare for the pos­si­bil­ity of power out­ages. Check the contents of your emer­gency pre­pared­ness kit in case a power out­age oc­curs.

• .nRw WhRsH in yRuU nHigh­bRUhRRd whR aUH HOdHUOy, young, sick or over­weight. They are more likely to be­come vic­tims of ex­ces­sive heat and may need help.

• ,f yRu dR nRW havH aiU FRndiWiRn­ing, FhRRsH pOaFHs yRu could go to for re­lief from the heat dur­ing the warm­est part of the day (schools, li­braries, the­aters, malls).

• (nsuUH WhaW yRuU aniPaOs’ nHHds fRU waWHU and shadH aUH met. • 1HvHU OHavH FhiOdUHn RU pHWs aORnH in HnFORsHd vHhiFOHs. • 6Way hy­dUaWHd by dUink­ing pOHnWy Rf flu­ids HvHn if yRu dR not feel thirsty, and avoid drinks with caf­feine or al­co­hol. (aW sPaOO PHaOs and HaW PRUH RfWHn.

• PRsWpRnH RuW­dRRU gaPHs and aFWiviWiHs. 7akH fUHTuHnW breaks if you must work out­doors.

For more in­for­ma­tion about Red Cross cour­ses, visit­

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AM­BU­LANCE ... In honor of Sellersville’s 275th An­niver­sary this year, the News-Her­ald will be run­ning a his­toric im­age show­ing a piece of the bor­ough’s past each week. This week, we see a 1929 photo of an am­bu­lance used by Grand View Hos­pi­tal. Bucks County’s first hos­pi­tal, Grand View Hos­pi­tal, lo­cated in West Rock­hill Town­ship, is cel­e­brat­ing its 100th An­niver­sary in 2013. Am­bu­lances of this era also usu­ally per­formed dou­ble duty. With a quick trade out of the win­dow sig­nage and a re­moval of the bell, the ve­hi­cle would be used as a hearse by the lo­cal fu­neral di­rec­tor, who of­ten served as a driver. Note the or­nate leaded glass win­dows at the back. For more im­ages of Grand View’s sto­ried his­tory, go to To see more his­toric pho­tos of Sellersville, check out Mont­gomery Me­dia’s Pin­ter­est ac­count at Pin­ter­­gomeryMe­dia.

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