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•A Ra­dio Con­trol Model Air­plane Air­show will be KHlG 9 D.m. tR 3 p.m. 6uQGDy, -uly 28 Dt Kumry 5RDG DQG oosen­berger ooad, nu­ak­ertRwQ.

TKH :Dr­birGV OvHr PHQQVylvDQiD GiDQt 6cDlH Fly-,Q iV KRVtHG by tKH Buc-LH AHrR 6pRrtVmHQ.

6pHc­tDtRrV DrH wHl­cRmH. AGmiVViRQ iV frHH; pDrk­iQg GRQDtiRQV Dc­cHp­tHG.

,QfRr­mDtiRQ: www.buc-lH. Rrg Rr 267-374-3255.

• Perkasie Carousel, in 0HQlR PDrk Dt :HVt PDrk AvHQuH DQG TKirG 6trHHt, PHrkDViH, will bH RpHQ QRRQ tR 5 p.m. 6uQGDy, -uly 28.

TKH cDrRuVHl iV RpHrDtHG by PHrkDViH HiVtRricDl 6RciHty.

5iGHV DrH 35 cHQtV Rr tKrHH fRr $1. ,QfRr­mDtiRQ: www. pHrkDViHKiVtRry.Rrg.

•“Sellersville’s Schools” will be ex­hib­ited noon to 4 p.m. 6DturGDy DQG 6uQGDy, Aug. 10 DQG 11 Dt 6Hl­lHrVvillH 0uVHum, 120 E. CKurcK 6trHHt, 6Hl­lHrVvillH.

AGmiVViRQ iV frHH; GRQDtiRQV Dp­prH­ciDtHG. ,QfRr­mDtiRQ: www.6Hl­lHrVvil­lH0uVHum.Rrg Rr 215-257-5253.

• TKHrH will bH rRRm fRr DbRut 30 Dr­tiVDQV/crDftHrV Dt tKH PHQQriGgH CRm­muQity CHQtHr Fall 2013 Craft Fair,

be­ing held 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Satur­day, Nov. 9.

Items must be hand­crafted. Space is avail­able for $25 for an 8 x 5 foot space with 2-1/2 x 6 foot ta­ble. iet the cen­ter know if you can bring your own ta­ble.

In­for­ma­tion or to reg­is­terW snug­gle­baby@com­,­nridgeCen­ or 484-602-5795.

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