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ORI­GIN STORY The 27-year-old Adri­anne Lenker was born into a re­li­gious cult and spent her early child­hood liv­ing out of a blue van with her par­ents 6he wrote her first song at age 8, was gig­ging in bars by 12 and recorded her first al­bum at 13, with her dad as man­ager. “Who’s formed their artis­tic vi­sion when they’re 13" , was Must a kid,ť says Lenker. +er real solo al­bum—the first one she counts, any­way— was 2014’s Hours Were the Birds. 6he skipped high school and got her GED at 16. Af­ter a stint at the Berklee Col­lege of Mu­sic, Lenker moved to New York and formed Big Thief in 2015.

6he’s im­pres­sively pro­liɿc ,n less than three years, she has made two al­bums with the band and her new solo record, ti­tled abysskiss. “, get scared of the songs dis­ap­pear­ing,ť she says. “,t feels good to record them—, don’t have to carry them around any­more.”

SOUNDS LIKE The songs on abysskiss quickly veer into cos­mic re­flec­tion, which is how con­ver­sa­tions with Lenker tend to go. Ten min­utes into the in­ter­view, she’s ex­press­ing her thoughts on the cer­tainty of death and the chaotic mir­a­cle of child­birth “,t’s re­ally in­tense—it’s bloody

and it’s loud and it’s wild ” +er songs, de­liv­ered in a haunted mur­mur, are frag­ile-sound­ing and sparse. Big Thief uses ram­shackle gui­tar fuzz to em­pha­size that ef­fect abysskiss is so quiet, you can some­times hear back­ground noises from the stu­dio’s kitchen. “There’s a lot of space on the record,” says Lenker, whose solo al­bum re­lies on hushed arpeg­gios and idio­syn­cratic melodies, with most tracks recorded in just one or two takes.

The al­bum was writ­ten dur­ing a whirl­wind two years of tour­ing with Big Thief, in ho­tel rooms or in a “cor­ner of a venue af­ter sound check.” 3er­haps it is be­cause of the child­hood spent on the road with her par­ents, but Lenker has no per­ma­nent ad­dress. ,n be­tween tour dates, she crashes with friends or lives in the band’s tour­ing van, in­ex­pli­ca­bly named “Bon­nie.”

BIG THIEF’S BIG FANS 6ince its first al­bum, Mas­ter­piece, came out in 2016, the band has drawn praise from, among oth­ers, Jeff Tweedy, Carly Rae Jepsen and the Na­tional, which se­lected Big Thief as its open­ing act for tour dates ear­lier this year. “,t’s very lux­u­ri­ous,” says Lenker of tour­ing with them. “,t kind of feels like go­ing to Dis­ney­land.” —Z.S.


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