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Newsweek re­ported that Dr. John Rock, a Catholic, had de­vel­oped a new form of birth con­trol: a pill that did not harm the woman tak­ing it. He hoped this would make it morally-ac­cept­able to the Church. Newsweek wrote, “Not since the Coper­ni­cans sug­gested in the six­teenth cen­tury that the sun was the cen­ter of the plan­e­tary sys­tem has the Ro­man Catholic Church found it­self on such a per­ilous col­li­sion with a new body of knowl­edge.” How­ever, the Catholic Church is to this day gov­erned by Pope Paul VI’S 1968 en­cycli­cal Hu­manae Vi­tae pro­hibit­ing the use of ar­ti­fi­cial con­tra­cep­tion.

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