The change of sea­sons

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Sit­ting on my front porch in the balmy weather with the neigh­bor­hood cat, I am re­minded that, be­fore long, our plot of dirt will be cov­ered with all the col­ors of the rain­bow and the cold of win­ter be­hind us, and life will be good once again. The crit­ters and birds that come to my abode are al­ready mark­ing their spots for new life and scam­per and flit about hap­pily at the feed­ers and crushed acorns un­der the big oak.

This change of sea­sons is an in­di­ca­tion that the creator has not dis­ap­peared from the nat­u­ral or­der of things. I know many to­day will not ac­cept the re­vealed word as ab­so­lute eter­nal truth, but that does not negate the fact that I be­lieve it is still as true to­day as it was in the be­gin­ning of cre­ation.

This leads me to un­der­stand how far we have strayed from the orig­i­nal de­sign, for re­gard­less of the new la­bels as­signed to peo­ple as trans­gen­der, gay or any­thing else, it will not stand against the word of the liv­ing God. Yes, I know, many will re­ject this with their own ver­sion of the life­styles cho­sen by many, but it’s not my words they will an­swer to in the end. I be­lieve God is a just creator and has re­vealed all we need for life ac­cord­ing to his de­sign and it will not change. Re­gard­less of hu­man plans to turn back the clock, the world is still on the timetable of its creator, and it is swiftly com­ing to its con­clu­sion.

We live in a dark and dan­ger­ous time and life can end sud­denly with­out warn­ing. Je­sus, the eter­nal creator, has given us the true path to his new earth and for­ever dwelling place when he stated that he was the way, the truth and the life. Don’t wait to be pre­pared. WILLA ROMINE Bryant

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