Tax­pay­ers get­ting shaft on tax­a­tion lev­els

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Jerry Reed sang a song called “She Got the Gold­mine.” It’s about him get­ting a di­vorce and his wife get­ting her “fair share.” He wanted to be fair and give her what she had com­ing but he had no idea that she was go­ing to get “the bet­ter half.”

I saw that the mayor of Pea Ridge made the tele­vi­sion news the other day. It is my un­der­stand­ing that the mayor was, at one time, the pres­i­dent of the Ar­kan­sas Mu­nic­i­pal League. Ap­par­ently he and all of his up­per staff went to Lit­tle Rock last week for a mu­nic­i­pal league meet­ing with all the other may­ors from all the small towns in Ar­kan­sas. No one with any real au­thor­ity was left in town to run the city.

Now I am not sure what they did down there at that meet­ing but it is my un­der­stand­ing that when they got back the Pea Ridge City Coun­cil en­dorsed a ref­er­en­dum rec­om­mend­ing that the state of Ar­kan­sas should pass an ad­di­tional law re­quir­ing the col­lec­tion of taxes on all of the prod­ucts bought and sold in Ar­kan­sas on the in­ter­net so that the state and towns could legally col­lect all of that ad­di­tional tax rev­enue.

In my opin­ion, taxes are a nec­es­sary evil. I pay my taxes. Ev­ery time I buy some­thing I pay taxes. How­ever, my ques­tion is this: Is it the mayor’s job as the mayor of our lit­tle city, to push for ad­di­tional taxes for the cit­i­zens of this town or for the peo­ple of this state, for that mat­ter. Is that re­ally part of his job as Pea Ridge mayor?

I was talk­ing to a man a while back and he ex­plained to me that there were some stu­dents at the Univer­sity of Ar­kan­sas who had done the math and they had con­cluded that in a pe­riod of two years, ev­ery sin­gle dol­lar paid in wages would even­tu­ally change hands enough times that they would cre­ate one ad­di­tional dol­lar of tax rev­enue. Now then, if there is any kind of ac­cu­racy to this state­ment, you would have to ask, why would we need any ad­di­tional taxes?

Have you ever won­dered where the state would get enough money to be able to spend over $24 mil­lion to build a sin­gle turn­around and over­pass over the high­way, let alone all the other stuff that is be­ing built.

If there is any truth to what I have said, now you can un­der­stand why the gov­ern­ment does not care how much tax money is be­ing spent or wasted.

So now go out and do your civic duty and spend all of the money that you make so that your gov­ern­ment can get its “fair share.”

The rea­son they want us to pay more taxes is be­cause they make mis­takes and spend over $5 mil­lion in­stalling steel ca­bles on the high­way and then just two years later they go and tear them all out again. BOYD B. MCNIEL Pea Ridge

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