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DEAR REV. GRA­HAM: Our son was in the mil­i­tary, and was killed in ac­tion about three years ago. He had such a promis­ing fu­ture ahead of him, and it seems like such a ter­ri­ble waste. I don’t think we’ll ever get over it. Why do such things have to hap­pen?

— S.H. DEAR S.H.: To­day is July Fourth, the day Amer­i­cans cel­e­brate our be­gin­ning as an in­de­pen­dent na­tion. Other na­tions (in­clud­ing our Cana­dian friends) have sim­i­lar cel­e­bra­tions mark­ing their his­tory. May each of us pause to thank God for all the bless­ings He has given us as a na­tion.

But those bless­ings have come at a price. The sac­ri­fices of those brave men and women who were will­ing to give their lives to de­fend our free­doms. With­out their ded­i­ca­tion our na­tion would be a far dif­fer­ent place from what it is to­day. We might have lost our in­de­pen­dence and found our­selves liv­ing un­der a cruel tyrant, or we might have been carved up into a series of sep­a­rate coun­tries. In­stead of liv­ing in the most pros­per­ous na­tion the world has ever known, we might well be liv­ing in poverty and con­stant con­flict.

We don’t al­ways know at the time what im­pact a mil­i­tary ac­tion will have, but I hope you will take com­fort in the fact that your son’s death was not in vain. Where would we be if we al­lowed tyrants and evil­do­ers to go forth un­op­posed? The Bi­ble says, “Those who pro­mote peace have joy” (Proverbs 12:20).

The great­est com­fort I can give you is to tell you that God un­der­stands your grief and your hurt, and He wants to com­fort you and give you hope. Put your faith and trust in Je­sus Christ, for He alone is the key to last­ing peace.


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