Some­thing has in­deed ‘crept into’ Chris­tian­ity

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I won­der if many read­ers of th­ese pages have ever heard or seen the word “het­eronor­ma­tiv­ity.” It was used in the re­cent col­umn by Rev. Clint Sch­nek­loth, “Luther­ans sup­port LGBTQ+” (June 24, re­li­gion page). He says it is some­thing that has “crept into Chris­tian­ity”, a “dis­tor­tion” that is “alien to how God has ac­tu­ally cre­ated us.” In plain terms, for those who do not live in the rar­i­fied air of to­day’s pro­gres­sive, apos­tate clergy, he is speak­ing of the be­lief many of us still hold, that het­ero­sex­u­al­ity, in­volv­ing per­sons of op­po­site gen­der (“het­eros” = Greek for “other”) is in­deed “nor­mal” and has in fact been so from the be­gin­ning of man’s cre­ation.

Sch­nek­loth would have us be­lieve that this is a “dis­tor­tion” that has “crept into” Chris­tian faith. And when, sir, might that have hap­pened? The un­godly sex­ual prac­tices cel­e­brated by many to­day were cer­tainly known in the 1st cen­tury, AD, as any­one in­ter­ested can see by read­ing the Apos­tle Paul’s let­ter to the Ro­mans, Chap­ter 1, Verse 18 and fol­low­ing. And 1,500 years be­fore that the prac­tice of ho­mo­sex­u­al­ity was spo­ken of as some­thing highly of­fen­sive to God. (Leviti­cus 18:22, 20:13.) Het­ero­sex­u­al­ity, the union of one man and one woman, was at the be­gin­ning. It was not a dis­tor­tion that crept in. It’s like say­ing the idea of free speech crept into the Bill of Rights. It was there at the be­gin­ning when our Found­ing Fa­thers first wrote them.

Some things in­deed have crept into our so­ci­ety and into our churches and the ser­mons and teach­ings of some pas­tors, things of which they ap­prove and cel­e­brate, which the over­whelm­ing per­cent­age of Amer­i­cans would never have ac­cepted just a few decades back. We re­call the words of Isa­iah, “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put dark­ness for light, and light for dark­ness.” To­day we have Gay Pride pa­rades. I would like to ask some who par­tic­i­pate or wit­ness and ap­plaud them, some who per­haps would iden­tity them­selves as “fol­low­ers of Christ,” of just what are you proud?

God’s word is very plain: We are all sin­ners. We all have “come short.” We all need a Sav­ior. We are told, even those who have ac­cepted His sal­va­tion, that we will “all give an ac­count” to God. I re­al­ize I have much for which to an­swer. But I don’t ex­pect to be charged with try­ing to per­suade oth­ers to openly dis­re­gard and dis­obey what God has said, of rewrit­ing Scrip­ture to my own lik­ing, or of say­ing that what He has com­manded is “dis­tor­tion” and a lie that has “crept into” Scrip­ture. HAROLD B. CHILTON Fayet­teville

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